Friday, July 20, 2012

Ladies of Steampunk

Here is the news you were waiting for:We are proud and excited to announce!!!The Ladies of Steampunk Magazine defines what it means, in every edition, to have a bounty of Steampunk excellence. Gorgeous Steampunk models in (and out of) elaborate neo-Victorian fashion, articles of Steampunk culture, and the stories behind the people who make Steampunk what it is today, and even some by the very models themselves!Stay tuned and like us on Facebook to pick up your copy soon.

So, I don't know if I've mentioned the Seans (Sean McCaffrey and Sean Makiney) here before... I know I talk about them from time to time on my Facebook page. Anyway, they do boudoir photography for steampunk, gothic, dreampunk settings. I have a copy of their Absinthe Faerie poster that I'm going to frame and put on the wall in the kitchen next to my liquor cabinet. (Have I mentioned that I have five different brands of absinthe now?) The vampire, Marcus, from my novel I wrote last year bears a suspicious resemblance to McCaffrey and Makiney is on my List of People I want to have an orgy with. 

So you know, people I like. Creative geniuses and otherwise cool people... 

I'm online last night, juggling some personal issues and I get a pop up message from McCaffrey.

Hi there. How would you feel about having some short stories featured in our magazine?
Sooo, after some back and forth clearing up details (degree of heat, word count, and deadlines) I'm going to be writing for Ladies of Steampunk magazine.


So... go like them. Because they are orsum!