Monday, February 27, 2012

Blister Effect

So, Blister Effect's been officially picked up by Torquere, who released the first part, Shadow of Kenfig, as part of their Shifting Steam collection.

I'm very exciting. And now it's time to get to work on Synchronous Rotations, part three, which is shaping up to be a menage a trois story, since the woman involved won't seem to butt out.

This will be my first royalties-based story, so we'll see how that goes. The question is, do I make more, or less, money than I would for a one-payment collection.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Name that Team!

I'm currently working on a short story; Alive and Kicking. The main plot is that my two heroines develop a relationship after being on the team together and dealing with some issues. One of my real life friends was on an adult kickball team - something I'd never heard of before. Of course, with my ankle and running problems, kickball is not anything I could ever do, but it sounds like fun.

Her team was the Schweddy Balls. And I have a few other team names in mind, but I could use some help.

So I'm having a contest!

If you have a name - the dirtier the better - for an adult kickball team, please submit it in the comments. I'll pick the top three, which will be included in the story, and those entrants will receive a free copy of Readerotica Vol 3, which features 10 erotica stories, including my story, On the Fly.