Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Name that Team!

I'm currently working on a short story; Alive and Kicking. The main plot is that my two heroines develop a relationship after being on the team together and dealing with some issues. One of my real life friends was on an adult kickball team - something I'd never heard of before. Of course, with my ankle and running problems, kickball is not anything I could ever do, but it sounds like fun.

Her team was the Schweddy Balls. And I have a few other team names in mind, but I could use some help.

So I'm having a contest!

If you have a name - the dirtier the better - for an adult kickball team, please submit it in the comments. I'll pick the top three, which will be included in the story, and those entrants will receive a free copy of Readerotica Vol 3, which features 10 erotica stories, including my story, On the Fly.

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