Monday, January 30, 2012

On The Fly

I got my final confirmation, including making payment arrangements for On the Fly. It's been accepted and will be published Very Soon Now. I'll have money in hand in a few days, and should have a link for you all in a week.

So that's awesome! And this will be a good way for you all to get a cheap look at my work; the collection will be available on Kindle only (you don't need an ereader to look at a kindle file. Your smartphone or computer will be able to view it as well) for 99cents for several stories.

On the Fly is a pretty basic, modern erotic romance, m/f.

In other news, we've given up on the house we bid for back in October. I have nothing good to say about Bank of America. We're putting in a new bid tomorrow for a different house, and I hope to have this whole buying a house thing wrapped up soon so I can stop stressing, drinking too much, and waking up in cold sweats behind me.

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