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Forging of Souls, Duology; Book Two, A Wanted Woman

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All the rules have changed.

Separated from her lover, Catreen An'dello is forced to forge new alliances with the underground world of thieves, whores, and renegade magi. Catreen must learn to negotiate in a society when the wrong move can mean death and discovers that the fate of kingdoms suddenly rest in the hands of a leaderless hodgepodge of talented assassins, ruthless murderers, and selfish courtesans. Can Catreen find the key to protecting these fringe citizens while thwarting Aleck Merril's world dominating ambitions?

In the hands of his enemies, Bastian Hooke is ensorcelled by ancient, dark magic. He witnesses the forging of a new soulstone and discovers the horrific reasons for their creation. Remorseless, soulless, he is set loose on the city with only one thought; Kill Catreen. Fractured by magic gone horribly wrong, will Bastian be able to mend his broken soul before he destroys everything that he loves and betrays everything that he is?


The dedication to this book changed while I was writing it.

It was dedicated to some friends from an old BBS roleplaying game I used to play -- Bastian was a character there in an earlier incarnation... 

But just before the book was complete and while I was in the middle of the last set of edits, I lost my beloved cat, Grendel. Named for the monster in Beowulf -- an old English epic poem, which is quite good and that I once translated in college -- he'd been a part of my life for the last 15 years. Losing him has been a shock, and I'm still not really settled into my routine post-cat. 

I've shared my living space with cats for most of my entire life -- no one really owns a cat, after all -- but I've almost always had two at a time. Little Bit and Ugly Face (that's not my fault, and he was remarkably ugly, after all... sweet, and I loved him, but ugly...), Puff and Bear, then later Sandi and Bear (same Bear, different companion) and then Sandi with Sterling, then Sterling and Grendel. Sterling left us a few years ago... and we decided that Grendel was just too old to put up with a new cat companion. 

So, ever since we moved into our house, there's only been the one cat.

Strange how empty a house seems when there's no cat.

At some point, I'll write another novel and dedicate it to those friends who missed out on this one... 

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Guest Post, LaQuette...

Protected-Heart-3-ebook.jpgProtected Heart: Queens of Kings: Book 3
by LaQuette
Publisher: Hot Ink Press
Release Date: June 25, 2015


When trust becomes a matter of life or death…
Heart Searlington, captain of the seventy-fourth precinct in Brooklyn, New York, has everything she could ever want. The sexy as sin husband, the perfect house, and the perfect addition to their family, four-month-old Amare.
But when a senseless act of violence threatens the lives of two people she loves, Heart does what comes natural to her…she protects what’s hers.
Kenneth Searlington, billionaire real estate tycoon, is living the ultimate dream—family, friends, and wealth. Life couldn’t be more perfect, until trusting the wrong friend puts his life on the line.
When he can’t trust friends or family, Kenneth takes matters into his own hands. Who should Kenneth trust? The wife who lied, or the friend and family who betrayed him? Maybe the only person he can trust is himself? When protecting the heart she loves forces Heart to omit certain truths about herself and those she loves, can Kenneth see past her betrayal long enough for her to keep him alive?

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Excerpt: The subtle touch of fingers so familiar to his skin he could confuse it for his own grazed the slick skin of his shoulder until it slid down his back as smoothly as the droplets of water raining down on him. “You okay?” she asked softly into his ear. “I was afraid today was too much for you. You’ve only been back home a handful of days.” He nodded his head, eyes still closed to the streaming water saturating the thick strands of his hair. He felt her hand crawl back up the length of his back, the movement making the muscles that rested just beneath her digits twitch in anticipation. Heart was right, he had returned from the hospital several days before, but in that time the two of them had barely spent any alone time together. They’d both been physically present, and usually that was all it took to stoke the embers that always seemed to be on a low simmer just waiting for an excuse to fan the flames to full blaze. But since his release there had been something there, something that was keeping them from being them. Kenneth turned his head slightly toward the sound of her voice. He opened his eyes just enough to see the water-sprinkled vision of her standing to the side of him. He pulled her into his embrace and pinned her back against the wall between his outstretched arms. There was nothing like the sight of his wife naked and waiting for him. No matter how difficult things were between them they’d always had this. It baffled him that he’d allowed whatever this was between them to fester to the point where he hadn’t touched his wife in days. The knowledge that she’d kept something so important from him fucked with his head in a way he hadn’t anticipated. Truth was he really hadn’t even given serious thought as to why her omission of the facts about Bryan and Justice impacted him so much. But to deny himself this, this connection, this reassurance that his world was grounded, that they were whole, what the fuck was he thinking? He positioned her directly under the spray of water and watched the fullness of her hair flatten against her scalp and back. She would bitch at him later about having to go to the hairdresser, but the thought of that conversation alone was pulling up the corners of his mouth into a wicked smile. He allowed his fingers to rest at the base of her head, fingers caressing her nape in just the right way to make her fall into his touch. His heart tightened slightly. They’d been stressed and their connection strained, but underneath all the bullshit, it was still there and he was grateful for it. Their connection is what kept his soul intact, what kept him sane enough to deal with the rest of his life when dealing with the craziness that wealth brought. “We have a lot to discuss, Heart.” “Kenneth I—” He leaned down and pressed a hard kiss to stop whatever it was she was about to say. Words weren’t what they needed now. He giggled to himself. If their shrink could hear his thoughts she’d be jumping up and down screaming her opposition to his line of thinking. Kenneth wasn’t against therapy. It had definitely worked to get the two of them back on track, and he definitely wanted them to sign up for a session or two after this latest fiasco, but this wasn’t something that needed fixing. This was the one way that their communication was perfect and they were absolutely in sync. He plunged his tongue inside the warmth of her mouth and savored the sweet hint of apple juice that danced on his taste buds. He pulled back just a moment to give them each a chance to breathe. “I’m not avoiding the conversation we need to have, and as soon as we’re finished in here we’re going to throw on some clothes and go downstairs in the kitchen and hash this shit out over a cup of coffee. But right now, I just need to feel my wife.”

Head shot  Author Bio Amazon: http://smarturl.it/LaQuetteonAmazon Facebook: Http://www.Facebook.com/LaQuetteTheAuthor Twitter: @LaQuetteLikes Website: http://www.LaQuetteLikes.com 2015 Georgia Romance Writers Maggie Award Finalist in Erotic Romance, LaQuette, a native of Brooklyn, New York, spends her time catering to her three distinct personalities: Wife, Mother, and Educator.

Writing--her escape from everyday madness--has always been a friend and comforter. She loves writing and devouring romance novels. Although she possesses a graduate degree in English Lit, she'd forego Shakespeare any day to read something hot, lusty, and romantic. She loves hearing from readers and discussing the crazy characters that are running around in her head causing so much trouble. Contact her on Facebook, Twitter, her website, Amazon, and her Facebook group, LaQuette's Lounge.

Other Titles by LaQuette
Print Cover Divided Heart
 Divided Heart: Queens of Kings: Book 2 Blurb: The last two years of Heart MacKenzie Searlington’s life have been a constant forward motion of change. She’s been promoted to NYPD captain of the seventy-fourth precinct in Brooklyn, a job she never wanted, but is slowly finding her way through with the help of a dedicated second in command and a house full of exemplary officers. Married to the sexy and powerful mogul, Kenneth Searlington, Heart is living all of the dreams she never knew to ask for before she fell in love with the man that stole her heart. Although Kenneth bathes her in his love and devotion, insecurities from the past still haunt her and cast a dark veil over their union. Kenneth Searlington knows only one thing, he worships his wife. He has a singular purpose: to love her as hard as he can for the rest of their lives and to neutralize any threat that dares to come up against them. But how does he protect them when that threat comes from the woman he loves? Thrown by a devastating loss, Heart allows pain and despair to drive a wedge so large between them they may never be able to recover. Pushed beyond his limits, excluded and taken for granted, Kenneth has to decide whether to allow darker urges to control him, or to use his rage to fight for the one thing he adores, Heart. Can they mend the rift, or will a divided heart end their legendary love? Available on Amazon

Heart of the Matter: Queens of Kings: Book 1 Blurb: Heart “Mac” MacKenzie is a tough police lieutenant in the NYPD servicing the rough streets of Brooklyn, New York. She’s a strong leader who doesn’t mind getting in the trenches with the men and women she leads at the seventy-fourth precinct. Her house, her people, and her family—both blue and blood—are the only things that matter. She would live and die for the blue wall that shields her from a traumatic past. When her captain assigns her a high-profile kidnapping case that she doesn’t want, and insists she allows the missing girl’s irritatingly sexy uncle to tag along during the investigation, her blood boils. Mac has no choice but to do what she always does when things get out of control, lay down the law—her law. Kenneth Searlington is a rich playboy from the Upper East Side of Manhattan. With stunning looks and an unlimited source of wealth, he’s used to being the center of everyone’s attention, especially the women that he comes in contact with in high society. His life is fun and carefree until his niece, Merridith is kidnapped, and he’s forced to seek out the help of his godfather an NYPD police captain, David Porter. Afraid and frustrated, Kenneth defers to his uncle’s expertise and his promise that he’s putting his best cop on the case, Lieutenant MacKenzie. When Kenneth discovers “Mac” is actually a sexy as sin lady cop with a fiery temper to match, he decides mixing a little business with pleasure might be just the thing he needs to distract him from long-standing family issues that are trying to crawl their way back into the forefront of his life. Each used to having their own way, can these two work together long enough to bring an innocent child home? Or will they settle their differences and unyielding attraction in a more carnal way and get right down to the heart of the matter? Available on Amazon    

 My Beginning Blurb: Genesis Lawrence left her home and family in Brooklyn, New York ten years ago and never looked back. When you've spent your entire life protecting yourself from the ones that are supposed to love you, running to the other side of the country seems like the best idea ever. Emotionally bankrupt, she begins rebuilding her life after failed familial connections and a broken marriage leave her too raw to ever believe happiness exists for her. Work as a Physical Therapist in her rehab clinic is all she knows and all she wants. Drew Marrack has spent the last year of his life trying to end the soul-searing pain of losing his mother by any means necessary, even if that means ending him—literally. After a tragic accident and a r resulting disability that devastates the tattered remnants of his world, only one name can give him a brand-new start: Genesis. Pain, heartache, secrets, and tragedy from the past bring them together, and then fight to tear them apart. Is new love strong enough to give them the fresh beginning they both need, or is this simply the beginning of their end? Available on Amazon

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Family Time is Out

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Cascade Failure - stand alone - Torquere | Amazon

Family Time - Anthology - Torquere | Amazon

Main Book 'Blurb

These twelve stories range from first-time parents, to a couple still trying to conceive, to a ready-made family hoping to make it official, to parents just trying to get from one day to the next.

But it can't all be about the kids. Especially when the kid to parent ratio favors the kids. You might have sneak out of your own house. Or remind your spouse what grown-ups can do when the kids are away.

From veteran and new authors, these families contain several M/M couples, an F/F couple, and an asexual mom who has some explaining to do to her genderfluid teen.

Story 'Blurb

The conflict between work and home life has never been greater for Eric Hopkins -- trying to make a better life for his children, Eric takes a job with high travel, leaving him hundreds of miles away when his family needs him the most. For Temple Richardson, local employment and more time at home means dealing with school officials, toddler mishaps, and sick dogs, all while trying to plan the perfect birthday for his spouse.

When one mishap leads to another and the whole day comes tumbling down, can these two very different men get their lives, and their priorities, straight? Or will cascading failure finally rip them apart?


There was absolutely no reason whatsoever, under any circumstances imaginable, that anyone in this modern day, should be out of contact with their families for more than a few hours.

Eric glared at his phone. Surely, surely, Temple would have called if everything wasn't all right. The last he'd heard from his husband was that A.J. had a mild concussion; a brief text. And then nothing. Temple hadn't logged into Skype for their evening conversation. A dozen e-mails had gone unread. Temple hadn't responded to probably thirty phone calls and the last time Eric attempted to call, the voice mail had reported as full.

Eric waved away the offer of another beer from the bartender. He pulled his phone out again. No messages. No texts. No e-mails. He opened the map program and tapped the screen. It was just closing on midnight. It was an eight-hour drive from Cumberland, Maryland, to Hartford, where Eric had built the house for Temple so many years ago, not knowing that they would, in the end, build a life there. Eric could grab four hours sleep and be on the road by dawn, and home by midafternoon at the latest. Even if there was still maddening construction around Yonkers. He could miss Friday, stay home for the weekend, and get back to the site by Monday afternoon. He'd be dead tired, but... Eric chewed his lip. "Fuck it," he decided.

God, Dennis was going to kill him. Eric punched in the number for the general contractor, explained the situation. Then called Dominick, his lead. The two of them had worked together for almost twenty years now. If anyone would tell him that he should go, it would be Dom.

"Look, can ya hold the crew together for me for the weekend?" Eric asked. "A.J. ended up in the ER, and I cain't get in touch with Temp."

"J'check his Grindr?" Dom asked. Under normal circumstances, Eric would have laughed. He and Temple hadn't exactly met through the dating app, but the story had made the rounds a few times.

Eric sighed. "Yes or no, Dom?"

"Yer really worried," Dom postulated.

"Ya think?"

"My rugrats is all growed up these days," Dom pointed out. "Not like to call their old man if they take a tumble down the stairs. But I'm sure that the professor's taking good care of 'em."

"Maybe it's nothin'," Eric hedged.

"But you'll feel better if you're there. I get it. I do. I'll cover it."

"I owe ya one."

"Yah, yah, you owe me like forty, at this point, Skipper. Get goin'. I'll see you on Tuesday?"

"I'll let you know."

"Hope everything is okay."

Yeah, Eric thought as he disconnected the call, me, too.

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More Titles, winging your way

I should have posted this earlier, but I've been up to my eyeballs in editing...

And I'm still getting over my cat passing away. I know that sounds weird, but I'm having to force myself to do stuff, and only the stuff that has deadlines attached is getting done. Not all the time; the other times I'm trying not to think so I'm cleaning like a madwoman.

My house is very. very. clean. right now.

Anyway, sorry, that was a downer...

Here's another new book that I've had come out recently...

This one contains an edited version of Blood Cries Up, so if you bought that one when it was a Lights Out Sip by Torquere, this one has had the explicit content removed...

What if you met the love of your life... and they were already dead?


Since the death of his sister, Dariel's been haunting her grave. Then he meets Zach. It's love at first sight -- unfortunately Zach is a ghost. An accidental possession results in Zach moving into Dariel's body, but before they can fully figure that out, they learn that there's more to Zach's death that the suicide it had seemed -- much more. With the help of the cemetery cat, Dariel and Zach will have to confront the diabolic Isaac Caine and return Zach's soul to its proper resting place.

I gotta say, working with Jessica Augustsson on this was wonderful and easy. I'm delighted to have started work with her, and there are several other new-to-me authors in this antho. I'm pleased to get the opportunity to read more people's work...

So, here's the buy link Encounters and this book is available in both print and an ebook edition.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Heat Wave: Burlington

What did I say... this summer is going to be hot hot hot!

I knew I wanted to write about Champy, the Lake Champlain monster (loosely related to Nessie, from Scotland...) and I worked on getting Scott, my photographer, all mapped out, and how I was going to do the meet cute...

(small spoiler alert, but only small because this happens in literally the first paragraph of the story)

I knew I wanted Scott to fall off his bike, so I was writing that scene out... and he rolls into the ditch... down here in Virginia where it rains a FUCKING LOT of the time, the roads and ditches are designed -- especially here in the Tidewater area -- to carry that water away from people's houses and the roads and whatnot. I advise NOT falling off your bike around here. Or, for that matter, running your car off the road. Those ditches are a good way to break an axle...

But I was thinking -- because that's what I do -- I wonder if the roads are the same in Vermont... I mean, I've spent a lot of time up in that area growing up, but I wasn't driving at the time, so things like road structure and drainage hadn't come up as being important...

Welcome to the world of Google maps... I used the map program to pull up a likely biking spot, zoomed in, and then used street view to look around... ah, look! Ditch! I pulled back the camera to see what the area looked like around the road... what shops or houses my intrepid biker might pass by...

And there was a self-storage, right there... self... storage. I'd been watching some tv around that time that had advertising for Storage Wars, and, being me and being curious, I'd done some investigation on Storage Unit auctions... which led to an interesting idea.

And thus, my other hero, Brandon, was born...

Coming July 26th. (Which is, coincidentally or otherwise, right around the time that the story takes place...)