Friday, November 16, 2012

Merry XXX-mas


My story, Holiday Hours, is going to be in this anthology.

I'm very pleased by this.

There are several things about this particular story and this particular antho that make me happy.

First off; Holiday Hours is another one of those "partially based on true events" stories. I worked a convenience store for several years while in college, so Regan's experiences in the shop closely mirror my own and allowed me to bitch, in character, about something that always bothers me. Even seventeen years after I quit that job, I still refuse to shop on a holiday.

Secondly, my friend Rob West is also on the table of contents - he neglected to tell me the name of his story earlier today when we talked... I've known Rob for a long time and I've given him quite a lot of advice. Some of it quite loudly. Despite yelling at each other about the importance of coherency in emails, we're still friends, and I'm pleased as punch to be in an anthology with him.

Third, there's the awesome title: Milf & Cookies. It really just could not get any better than this.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Guest Post(s)

I'll be doing some shameless shilling for Coming Together: Hungry for Love (have you bought your copy yet? Why not!?) and here's pointing you in the direction of a guest blog post by Erzabet Bishop, one of the contributors to Hungry for Love with her story, Dark Hunger.

She's being featured today on Lisbet Sarai's blog. My stories in Steamlust and Lustfully Ever After have appeared with stories by Ms. Sarai, and she's a truly excellent writer, so I'm glad to see she's helping to promote this anthology!

Also, and apparently I missed this when it got posted, so... I've got a guest post myself on Erazbet's blog...

So, you know, check those out.

 And keep in mind that Duty & Desire is actually out now; Amazon seems to always do those early releases...