Whetting the Appetite – co-authored by Elizabeth L. Brooks

Romance and erotica authors Lynn Townsend and Elizabeth L. Brooks have joined forces to assemble this collection of "flash-fiction" ultra-short stories generated in response to prompts offered by fans and friends and touching on dozens of aspects of lust, love, and desire.

LGBT Romance and Erotica


After the Party (in anthology, Whetting the Appetite)
Before the Party (written by Elizabeth L. Brooks, in anthology, Whetting the Appetite)

Home Improvement, the Eric and Temple Romances

Home Inspection (in anthology, Whetting the Appetite)

The Farr Cry Romances

Heat Wave: Burlington
Men At Work: Chasing Bigfoot

Short Stories and Novellas

Room for Dessert (stand alone or in anthology, Whetting the Appetite)
Fair Game (theoretically being published by Circlet Press, eventually?)


London Steam series (steampunk, romance)

The Blister Effect (out of print)
Synchronous Rotations (out of print)

London Steam - the author's edition, including 20+ pages of unreleased story

Science Fiction / Fantasy 

Short Stories

Go Down with the Ship
Key to Motivation (Coming Together: On Wheels anthology)


Blood Cries Up

M/F Romance and Erotica


Full Frontal Neighbor (in anthology, Sexy Librarian's Big Book of Erotica)
On the Fly (in anthology, ReadErotica Vol 3, reprinted in Coming Together: Pro Bono)
Snake Dance (in anthology, Duty & Desire)
Big Trucks (in anthology, Smokin' Hot Firemen)
Holiday Hours (in anthology, MILF and Cookies, out of print, reprinted in Coming Together: For the Holidays)
Half the World Away (in anthology, Cupid's Chokehold)
In the Closet (in audio anthology, Rose Caraway's Dirty Thirty)


Golden Moment (in anthology, Steamlust)
Deep Breath (in magazine, Ladies of Steampunk)
Hold the Dirigible (forthcoming)

Science Fiction / Fantasy / fairy tales

Forging of Souls Duology (re-released in e-book with new covers)

A Marked Man
A Wanted Woman

Short Stories

Situation Normal (in anthology, Coming Together: Among the Stars)
Garden Variety (in anthology, Lustfully Ever After)

Horror / Paranormal

The Demoniac Codex series (currently out of print)

Blood Sight
Howling Bitch
Sins of Angels
Ghost Magic

Short Stories and Other

Dead in the Water (in anthology, Coming Together: Hungry for Love)
Living Proof (in anthology, Local Magic)
Return of the Kings (co-op novel project)

Western / Historical

Pistols & Guns

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