Big Trucks

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Who can melt any woman's heart with a single smile? The sexiest icon of all- a fireman!

They enter fiery structures with selfless courage--the very definition of the word "hero." Women understand their allure... A soot-covered face, sweat dripping from hard, chiseled muscles, the sharp snap of suspenders -- yes, only a fireman can make suspenders sexy! Delilah Devlin's burning-hot book includes thrilling stories teeming with gorgeous firemen from some of today's hottest romance writers. In "Saving Charlotte," Sabrina York's firefighting Dom rescues a woman tied to a red-hot bed; from Cathryn Fox comes "Temperature Rising" where a fire chief fulfills some very steamy fantasies; Elle James's "Chasing Fire" sees a daring smoke-jumper parachuting into the hot zone of a forest fire then setting his girlfriend ablaze with erotic heat; and Magic Mike ain't got nothin' on Delilah's own fireman-turned-exotic-dancer-for-a-night "Johnny Blaze."

With a list of award-winning authors that includes Ily Goyanes, Shoshanna Evers, Adele Dubois, and Rachel Firasek, Delilah delivers tales of these courageous men sliding down their big poles to steal readers' hearts! Smokin' Hot Firemen imagines the romantic possibilities of being held against that massively muscled chest by a man whose mission is to protect and serve...

Big Trucks: An engine-jockey and a hero firefighter find out just what's to like about big trucks


Delilah Devlin has brought together a talented group of seventeen authors to create an erotic anthology honoring heroic and sexy firefighters. Each story sets itself apart from the others by their different levels of heat and by how big a part fire actually plays in the story. For some authors, like Nanette Guadiano in Lost and Found, being a firefighter is merely a backdrop casually mentioned. For other authors, like Sabrina York in Saving Charlotte, the descriptions of actual fires are extremely vivid and completely immerse you in the heat and heart-pounding action of fighting to save a life. The firefighters in each story are undeniably heroic yet sexy and assertive, whereas most of the heroines are more of the damsel in distress variety. Two stories break that mold though to allow the heroines to take the lead in their relationship. Fire Extinguisher by Rowan Elizabeth and Big Trucks by Lynn Townsend show strong-willed women not afraid to be the boss and take control. 

All the stories are sexy and steamy and get right to the action as these authors know what we REALLY want. Some authors present sexual interludes that are off-the-chart HOT with some elements of BDSM included to make readers parched. Other authors present a slow burn that allows initial sexual tension to morph into scenes that are satisfyingly steamy. There's moments of seriousness alluding to the dangers of firefighting as well as bits of humor throughout the anthology. In other words there's something for everyone! I enjoyed discovering new authors and being reacquainted with well-known authors that again proved their reliability to entertain. Readers wanting to spend a bit of time with a hero and have their dreams brought to life will find Smokin' Hot Firemen smokingly sexy and satisfying. - **** four star Barnes & Nobles review


This firefighter anthology starts off with a fizzle: Rachel Firasek’s “Smoking Stilettos,” featuring a pair of stunningly immature characters and almost no sexual chemistry. Fortunately, it flares to life with some kinky heat in Sabrina York’s “Saving Charlotte,” setting the pattern of ups and downs with some seriously hot stories (such as Lynn Townsend’s “Big Trucks”) and some that aren’t much more than smoke and bluster (such as Adele Dubois’s “Hook Me Up”). Likewise, the firemen vary: there’s the sweet hero coming home to make hardcore love to his worried girlfriend in Shoshanna Evers’s “Falling Ashes” and then there’s the jerk willing to take advantage of a terrified woman in Cynthia D’Alba’s “Something’s Burning.” Despite the variation in tone and quality, any woman who has ever had a fireman fantasy can probably find one or two stories to enjoy. (Oct.) -- Publisher's Weekly


Big Trucks Getting to the scene fast and safe is what Amy Whitacker does best, behind the wheel of the fire truck. Hearing the tones go off gets the blood pumping for Steve Tillery. Seeing Amy handle the big red truck sends that blood rushing south. Steve thinks he is pretty good at keeping his feelings to himself, especially since he works with Amy. Apparently, she is better equipped at knowing what he needs than he is. Office romance may never be a good idea, but hot sweaty sex in a fire truck? Who would say no to that? 
-- Coffee Time Romance

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