Dead in the Water

Published by: Coming Together
Publication Date: October 28, 2012

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Why should the zombie apocalypse be the time to think about romance? Like flesh for the zombies, romance is the stuff of life for the living. We shamble through life searching desperately for it, and nothing but love fills our need.

In the pages of Hungry for love, people find each other and love each other in a world of contagion, consumption, and consumerism gone mad. ~ Thomas Roche

Coming Together is about giving... and about sex (a powerful combination in any venue). Each book in the series benefits a different charity. Join us in doing good while being bad, and celebrate the diversity of desire!

 The proceeds from this collection go to the American Diabetes Association.

Author Note: My contribution to this collection, "Dead in the Water," was inspired by a sign advertising boats, since Zombies Can't Swim.


Yes, please...

One of the things I like most about erotica is how versatile it is. What I enjoyed about this anthology in particular is that the contributing authors didn't rush their stories before the zombies got to sample any juicy bits. Honestly, I didn't know how an editor could put together an erotic zombie anthology. I mean, zombies only want one thing... BRAINS, not sex! Right?!?! Wait, they don't... oh SNAP, hold the phone!

I have enjoyed Sommer Marsden's writing for several years now and so, naturally, I trust her instincts. With this collection, she was right-on. She's got authors here with zombies chomping at the bit drooling for more than brains. These rotting, stinky, groaning, creepers are dead-horny! They are absolutely rabid with it! They just wanna get you close enough to turn you on, and then maybe snack a little instead of spooning afterward. I absolutely recommend this anthology, not only because your purchase will go to help support the American Diabetes Association, but because these authors are bringing you some hot, 'zombies gone wild' action!

-- ***** five star Amazon review

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