Whetting the Appetite

By Lynn Townsend and Elizabeth L. Brooks
Published by: JMS, Books, LLC
Publication date: March 30, 2014

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Romance and erotica authors Lynn Townsend and Elizabeth L. Brooks have joined forces to assemble this collection of "flash-fiction" ultra-shorts (most under 2000 words), generated in response to prompts offered by our fans and friends and touching on dozens of aspects of lust, love, and desire.

Subgenres in the collection span contemporary, historial, steampunk, fantasy, sci-fi, and horror, taking you from a modern living room, to the high seas, to Victorian London, to planets and times at the edge of imagination. These stories explore relationships all along the romantic and erotic spectrums, including the thrill of a one-night stand, the fierce burn of rivalry, the heady flush of new romance, the intense trust of BDSM, and all the pros and cons of long-term partnerships. The characters defy conventional gender boundaries, including a preoperative transmale, several aliens, and a few characters whose genders are left open to reader interpretation. Sexual orientations on display vary nearly as widely, with groupings that include m/f, m/m, f/f, and f/f/m -- not to mention those aliens!

With forty-six stories to choose from, there's something here for every moment and mood, something to whet any appetite.

Author Note - there are so many short stories in this anthology, of so many different genres and orientations that there's really no point trying to categorize this work. 


Go Down with the Ship - available as a stand alone title
Ripped - available as a FREE audio story
Crises of Faith - available as a stand alone title (JMS Books)
Room for Dessert - available as a stand alone title (Coming Soon!)
Book Trailer - with song from The Blibbering Humdingers


Malin James *****

Excerpt "But where this collection really shines is where the authors play with genre, specifically sci-fi and horror. I loved the way Brooks experimented with pronouns and gender with "Xe", while Lynn Townsend's "Flipped" packed all the punch of a Twilight Zone episode in miniature, flash form. Seriously, it was chilling. There are pirates looking to rekindle old connections, alien bounty hunters with aphrodisiacs in their skin, and even a newly turned incubus, but as with all collections, one story was my favorite, hands down."

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