Go Down with the Ship

By Lynn Townsend

Published By JMS Books, LLC

Publication date: October 27, 2014

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After chasing the same bounty for three years, Captain Galton discovers he cannot let this prize go ... the pirate, Dain, has become more than just a payday for him. She has become his obsession. Laying a trap for her, Galton lures her onto his ship. Thinking she's won at last, Dain and Galton are both in for a surprise when the tables are turned.

Contains scenes of MFF erotica.

Note: This story is included in the author’s anthology, Whetting the Appetite.


“You’re bluffing. There’s no space-goers on this rock, just lizard-monkeys and sub-humans barely out of their caves. Don’t worry for your mate, bounty-hunter. I’ll be sure to mount a rescue, after I’m done with you.”

Galton smiled, spreading his hands. “As you will.”

“Bet your air I will it,” she said. “Come along, Captain. You, this ship, and your cargo are all my property now. And I have a little job for you, before I tow this scrap-heap to the stacks.”

“That’s just rude,” Galton said. He stood up. He wasn’t that much taller than the Magellanic pirate, maybe ten or twelve centimeters. “Valley Witch might need an overhaul, but she’s a good ship. No need to sell her for parts.”

“Do you have any idea how much chinga you’ve cost, over these years?” She looked him over. “Strip. Now.”

Galton rolled his eyes, but did as she commanded. The ship’s air was still warm -- power-down had only been an hour ago -- but if she planned to keep him naked for long, he was going to be exaltedly cold. Space was the ultimate heat sink.

Dain looked him over, her eyes critical, mouth pursed. “Well, you’ll do, I expect. Muscle tone is good, not too scarred up. You’ve kept yourself fit.” She touched his gut where a Situlian rock worm had stung him, leaving a lacy patterned scar. “That’s a new decoration.”

He shivered under her hand.

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