Local Magic

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The project of Local Magic was inspired by the Cultural Arts Center in Columbus Ohio, which was originally built as an armory for the Civil War. A funny thought occurred to me while I was chatting with Jonah on the phone and running my hand along the antique brick facade: what if those armaments stored within were not steel and wood, but an army of the reanimated dead, ready to march out for the Union. Local Magic called upon new writers to create a story that adhered to strict requirements: it must contain magic, that magic must be explained through science, and the story must take place in a real location. In these stories, zombies, unicorns, ghosts, trolls interact with us in places that actually exist: small-town America, backwoods Virginia, the Erasmus Bridge in Rotterdam. The writers have explained the purpose or existence of these magical occurrences with a tongue-in-cheek acknowledgement to science.

Includes a full-length novelette by Samantha Parry.
Illustrated by Monica Marier.

My story in this anthology is called "Living Proof" and is a surprise twist on your typical ghost-hunter story. I hope you enjoy it.

Author Note: this collection will be available for a limited time only, as Antimatter Press is going out of business at the end of the year. If you want a copy, snag it soon.

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