London Steam

London Steam
Published by JMS Books, LLC, December 28, 2015
Originally published by Torquere Press
as Shadows of Kenfig in anthology Shifting Steam
Blister Effect
Synchronous Rotations

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Author's edition, re-released with 20 pages of bonus story...

In a reimagined 1890's London, where steam-driven airships rule the skies and monsters roam the streets... the Galileo Observatory's Club for Gentlemen welcomes all... gwr, shape-changers, vampires, and lords. A high-stakes game leads more than a few men astray.

Poindexter Fitzhughes, renowned hero and scientist, learns just how much trouble a full-blooded gwr can be when he attempts to cure his lover, Lord Seth Maitland, of the disease. But when their backs are against the wall, the two learn to trust in each other, and more importantly, in their true natures, to prevail.

Duncan Farnsworth is discovering that being a vampire has not improved his social life, his chances of finding love, continuing the family line, or getting a bite to eat. Maneuvering his way around a sarcastic butler, his spinster sister, a run-in with an amorous werewolf, and finally confronted by a dead soldier and a French airship captain, Duncan finally finds exactly what he is thirsting for.

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