Demoniac Codex novels

Published by Vamptasy
Blood Sight Publication Date: March 27, 2014
Howling Bitch, March 17, 2015
Sins of Angels - forthcoming

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Blood Sight; A Demoniac Codex novel

Reluctant oracle and consultant for the Paranormal Police, Rachael Kristoff, has problems, and the vampire at her front door is only the beginning. Threatened by supernatural foes, hampered by her malfunctioning clairvoyance, and betrayed by the only family she has left, Rachael is forced to rely on her former lover. For the sake of both of their souls, she will make the only choice left open to her: Depend on the vampire, or die.

Bound to the bloodline of the Oracles since the fall of the Roman Empire, accused of murder, and betrayed by his own vampire Childe, Marcus Valerius is a relic of past glories better left in a previous era. For centuries, he has protected the children of Delphi against all who would control the future for their own purposes. Now, saving the life of the only woman he has ever loved means destroying the Oracular abilities he's sworn to protect.

In a world of angels and demons, vampires and werewolves, foresight and past lives, what you cannot forsee just might kill you...

Howling Bitch; Demoniac Codex, Book Two

Buy Links: Paperback (until last one is sold, then unavailable)

Life's a bitch... and then there's Taite.

Nico Marrone was never the plays-nicely-with-others type. When doing the wrong thing for the right reasons costs him a cushy spot with the Paranormal Police, Nico takes up the only other work he's trained for; supernatural bounty hunting. Called to the far north to find the daughter of a preacher, abducted by creatures unknown, Nico finds himself rapidly in over his head. A desperate mistake leads him into an uneasy alliance with a wild and beautiful lycanthrope, Taite Julien. Can he win her love before she discovers his secrets?

Otherwise known as Howling Bitch, Taite is just doing her job. Driven by history and duty, the lycans have always protected the innocent from demonic schemes. Bitch races against the legions of Hell to find answers and prevent a literal Hell on Earth. Bound together by prophecy, entangled by forbidden desire, can Bitch and Nico rescue the girl, liberate Taite's people, and maybe even save the world. Or will the truth cost her everything, even her soul?

Sins of Angels; Demoniac Codex, Book Three

cover commissioned, contract returned, status currently unavailable


What a wonderfully entertaining book! Ms. Townsend builds a spectacular world filled with paranormals of every shape, color, and temperament. The sex is spicy hot, the plot tight, the ending satisfying, the humor perfect. You can tell that the author was enjoying herself and the world that her character`s were moving in. Can`t wait for the next one in the series to come out. -- Amazon review **** four stars

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