Return of the Kings

Published by League of Extraordinary Critters
Publication date: Nov 18, 2013

Buy Link: Kindle
It may or may not still be possible to get a dead-tree copy of this (if you want one, email me or something and we'll see what I can do... they're huge books, tho, like the size of a Dr. Seus's kid's book or something and kinda spendy)

Thirteen authors. Giant squids. Dastardly deeds. The world in peril (again). Monsters most horrible. And Elvis himself (well, mostly). Mix together. Let marinate for twelve months. When done, crack open a novel beyond your wildest imagination.

(All proceeds from the sale of this book go to the Leonard Pung Memorial Scholarship for the Clarion Writers' Workshop.)

Contributing Authors: B. E. Johnson, Bonnie Schutzman, Dale Emery, Bill Fuller, Andrea Stewart, Amy Holt, A. K. Cotham, Jamie Thornton, Leonard Pung, Jerimiah Honer, Renee Solberg, Lynn Townsend, Erin M. Hartshorn


The giant squids are terrifying. The villains are terrifying. The existence of this book is terrifying. I know all of the authors, and you know what? Terrifying: Every last one of them. Now look at Amazon's product details for the book: "Text-to-Speech: Enabled." Do you realize what that means? You can inflict this book on innocent bystanders while you wait in line at the bank. How terrifying is that! -- Five star Amazon Review

Author's Note: this book was written as a project for a friend's birthday, and was written round-table by a group of writers... It is... spectacularly weird...

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