Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Last week, my editor sent me (and the other contributing authors) an email, reminding us that contracts were due RIGHT NOW and giving us a copy of the cover art, so we could do publicity materials with it.

And also, last week, the Living Social deal was $10 for $50 worth of VistaPrint stuff; pens, mousepads, notebooks, business cards, etc.

So, rather than write this morning - my husband is working from home today and one thing I've discovered is that I have a really hard time writing when someone else is in the room - I opened up my deal and started making "stuff."

I'll probably do some contests later - when I get said "stuff."

I really do, however, need to get to work.

I'll be happy when the grumpy husband is back at work, and when the kiddo is at my dad's for three weeks.

I'll also be happy when I start making enough money from this writing gig to let us move to a larger apartment and I can have an office. (Altho previously mentioned grumpy husband has already said if I have an office, he has to be allowed to work in it on his work-from-home days, which means I'd still be sitting here with a room full of grump.)

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  1. Excellent timing! My Vistaprint publicity Stuff arrived over the weekend. :-) Maybe you and I can exchange a couple of sets of Stuff and do cross-blog contests to introduce each other to our assorted readers. :-)