Monday, October 31, 2011

Kiss the Cats Goodbye

I'm doing NaNoWriMo again this year.

Personally, I'm convinced I'm deranged. (yeah, I know, I was deranged before... shut up.)

I'm also in the middle of buying a house, moving out of the apartment I've lived in for 8 years, celebrating my best friend's 40th birthday, prepping for a vacation in Orlando in the beginning of December, dunno what my plans are for Thanksgiving yet, and dealing with another friend's failing marriage.

Not that real life ever stops happening.

And I probably won't get time to write on the weekends, so I'm looking at 2,300 words per weekday.


Deranged. You heard it here first.

I've decided to go ahead with Blood Sight, after another dear friend helped me with my outline. I know, I know, NaNo is about vomiting onto the page with no plan, but fuck it, I'd like a better shot at finishing. I want to write this novel, it's been percolating for a few years now and if nothing else, I want Marcus out of my head. My head is a really crowded place.

(Completely aside, I seem to have finally mastered only putting one space at the end of a sentence. Yay learning curve.)

I may not write much here, while I'm working, so if you don't see me, I haven't died yet.

Meanwhile: Steamlust is available for your Kindle or Nook. And Shifting Steam is now available on Kindle and also as a trade paperback. Lustfully Ever After is available for pre-order on Amazon, too, although there's not yet a pretty cover, and will be out in May.

See you on the flipside!


  1. ...why would you only put one space at the end of a sentence?

  2. How on earth can you cope with NaNo with everything else going on in your life??? I'm full of admiration for you - hope you succeed - in everything in your current schedule!
    (And know what you mean by those spaces at end of sentences - LOL!)

  3. DeltaEchoBravo: Because apparently that's what we're supposed to do now. There's a thing with font spacing. (this article is extremely nasty to those of us two-space hold overs, but it covers the basics of the why)

    Paula: time to money ratio, I think. Publishing short stories is a way to go broke, fast. Not to say that I don't like writing short stories, or that I don't want to get paid for them, but in terms of effort to money? Bleh. And I always seem to have novel ideas in my head that just stay there and rot - like vegetables that I stick in the crisper drawer to forget about. Since I have a full series (4 loosely related urban supernatural romances) vaguely planned out, I thought I'd give it a whirl.

    What's the worst that can happen? I don't finish and they take away my birthday? Wait, that might not be a bad thing.

    Feel free to buddy me, if you want. Tisfan is my username there.