Thursday, November 10, 2011

NaNoWriMo Report, Week One

So, I'm running behind.

Not, however, in NaNoWriMo. I'm actually a bit more than a full day's writing ahead of schedule. If I wasn't to write a single word today, I'd still be "on schedule" to finish before the end of the month. As I don't intend to write nothing today - I'm actually looking forward to getting to start today, after I take a shower! - I'll probably continue to be at least a day ahead. If I can continue to push this pace, I might actually get ahead enough to not have to write over the Thanksgiving holiday, which is good, because we're going to North Carolina for Thanksgiving to visit with my husband's best friend.

Our best friend? Not sure really, what words describe this particular friend. We both love him to death, we got to be friends with him independently, and while he was the number one person telling BOTH of us that we should NOT date each other, he was also my husband's Best Man in our wedding. In his best man's toast admitted that he'd been wrong about that particular advice. To his credit, my husband and I had a very bad first meeting, and then entered in the weird process of falling in love while I was dating someone else. As it turned out, the someone else I was dating was having the same problem on the other side (ie, he was falling in love with someone else, my best girlfriend as a matter of fact!) and despite a painfully ugly series of breakups, everything worked out pretty much perfectly for everyone.

Anyway, good friend. And one that we don't see nearly often enough. I also adore his wife, and their daughter is about the same age as ours. And it gets me out of having to spend any family time. I love my family, I do, but I'm already spending a week with my dad in December, and it's frequently for the best that I keep my familial interactions spaced out. My Dad and I get along very well these days; certainly we have a much better relationship now than I would have ever imagined growing up. But this involves certain amounts of shutting the fuck up on both of our parts. My dad and I are a lot alike, personality-wise. Opinion wise? Not so much. If there's an opinion out there, chances are, we're going to argue about it.

That's kinda beside the point; I'm behind in everything else in my life. There are dry-goods groceries on the floor in the kitchen because I haven't taken the time to put them away. Two bags of trash that I haven't taken out. I did laundry on Tuesday, but I still had clean clothes in one basket that hadn't been folded.

So, NaNo is going well.

Life... well, you know how it is.

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