Friday, March 2, 2012

On the Shelf

I play Warcraft.

I won't make any apologies for that; if I've not written some days because I was busy playing Warcraft, I have also blown off a raid and said, "Good luck, I have this chapter to write!"

Anyway, for those of you in the know - I was in a PUG yesterday. (Pick up Group... and much like calling something an ATM Machine, or saying a sandwich is served with au jus, saying PUG Group is just redundant. It's an Automatic Teller Machine. Not an Automatic Teller Machine Machine. You don't serve a roast beef sandwich with with juice. And you don't go on a pick up group group. This is not 5th grade. You don't like him like him, either.) and we had some people drop group. Me and 2 dps are standing around waiting for some healer to grace us with their presence.

"I'mma go finish these dailies while we wait," and the warlock vanishes from the instance.

"I was looking for something in the Auction House," says the shadowpriest, and likewise poofs.

I said, "Book, book... I know I had a book around here somewhere..." and I started digging around for my Kindle Fire. (As a side note, I love my Fire. Love it love it love it.)

"Oh," says the warlock, "What are you reading?"

"I'm re-reading Dragon Bound, since Book 4 is coming out in like 6 days, reading a short story to review for my friend Lucy Felthouse (look for it in a few days!), reading my own vampire novel in prep for revision, previewing some publicity materials and watching Vampire Diaries, Season One." (One of the reasons I love my Kindle is the ability to so thoroughly keep me distracted... until it runs out of batteries, I can get 4 or 5 different tasks done without even putting the device down!)

Instead of yawning over this complete glurge I just threw out onto the screen, the warlock says to me, "You're a writer? What do you write?"

I told him, "romance," expecting to get mocked. People do that. I don't mind. People are welcome to their opinions.


"Lynn Townsend."

Without missing a beat, "Steampunk romantic erotica, right? Yeah, that sounds cool."

Me. "Yeah, that's me." That was fast.

"I'm in indie bookstore owner. It's on our shelves. My wife's read it. She says it's pretty good."

Holy shit.