Saturday, June 23, 2012

Guest Who's going to Dinner?

I have  a guest post - my first! wooo! - over at Oh Get a Grip, where several of my favorite writers blog weekly on a wide variety of topics, including the ever-marvelous Charlotte Stein and my personal favorite editor, Kristina Wright.

So, drop by, see what I have to say about the Noise in the Universe... and if you're come here from there, welcome!

Today I'm totally off to do good works; supporting the Can't Stop the Serenity screening, proceeds go to Equality Now and Samaritan House (global and local charities). Of course the fact that I'm a raging Whedon nerd has nothing to do with it... So if you're out and about in Hampton Roads today, stop by Colley Ave in Norfolk for a good show.

And then later, we're taking Mikey Mason out for some beers at our favorite local restaurant, the Biergarden, with its impressive menu of 300-350 beers and the best German food in Virginia.

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