Thursday, June 20, 2013

Guest Writer: meet Khelsey Jackson

What are your greatest challenges in your writing career?

I would say hoping that people will love my work like I do

When did you find out that you wanted to be a writer? What inspired you to put pen to paper?

It was after my daughter Khira was born, so about 5 years ago

Of your published works, do you have a favorite? Why? 

I love all of my books but Kallos was my first

Do you ever want to go back and edit an older story? 

ALWAYS! lol I always think hmm...I should add this to that

How do you decide on character names?

Some are based after my family and other I go to a baby name site

Tell me about your first publication. Who was it with? How did you feel when you got that acceptance?

Kallos was my first accepted novel with Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly. I had to read the email a few times and had my husband read it before I believed it.

(Note: Funny, I had to do the same thing... get my husband to read my acceptance, I mean)

Tell us about a real person who has had a lot of input to your work, someone who inspired you or encouraged you, or even discouraged you and you have to prove them wrong.

If you read Kallos you have seen Sean Hunter, I based him after my husband Sean. It's a little weird when people message me telling me how much they are in love with Sean but I love it. I really didn't have people discourage me, not to my face at least.

What projects are you currently working on? Are you willing to share a small excerpt from a work in progress?

I am working on Kallos' Soul (book 3) and a story with my husband. I have a small excerpt for Kallos' Sorrow (book 2) that comes out in Aug

Kallos could feel the pressure ease in her head. It was as if there was extra weight in her head. She was going to have to talk to her about that. She couldn't be there if it was going to hurt her. Kallos shut her eyes and let sleep take her over and she began to dream.

Warm arms wrapped around her and soft voice whispered in her ear, “I love you more that life itself.” He was standing behind her and his face was against hers. He smelled good and she turned to face him. Ian was smiling at her, his stunning baby blues sparkling with love.

 Oh Ian, she thought. She missed him so much. Did he even know how much he’d hurt her when he left? Did he even care? she wondered.

“Ian I miss you,” she said in the dream, and he gently kissed her forehead.

“I know,” he murmured, stepping back enough to stare into her eyes. “But it needs to be this way.”

Kallos shook her head. She didn’t want to be without him. “Why?”

Ian ran the tips of his fingers down the side of her face. “Just because, my love.”

She glared up at him. She knew this was her dream, so she should be able to control what happened in it. He should be doing what she wanted him to do, and saying what she needed to hear, because it was her dream.

“Just know I am always here.” He touched her chest above her heart.

Kallos shook her head again, that wasn’t enough she wanted all of him. “That’s not fair! I want all of you Ian. Not just in my heart,” she shouted and pushed on his chest, but he didn’t move an inch.

Ian smiled down at her, a sad look in his baby blue eyes. “I know it’s not fair, I have to go now.” He leaned down and kissed her cheek before turning around to leave her.

“Ian, please don’t leave me again,” she begged.

Ian paused for a second, and then began to disappear.

What's your writing routine?

I need a drink and music :)

Is there a character or story that's stuck in your head and won't leave, from either your work or someone else's?

Yes all of my characters are always in my head

(Note: I feel the same way... my head is getting a little crowded.)

What writers or novels do you consider “must reads”?

Anything by, Cynthia Eden, Cameo Renae, and Richelle Mead

Tell us three things about you that are interesting.

1 I drink coffee all day
2 If I'm writing YA I listen to Teen Pop it gets me in the mood
3 I was raised by my grandmother


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