Monday, March 24, 2014

Blood Sight, Vamptasy Tour

So, in all the excitement about Whetting the Appetite coming out, I have been pushing off dealing with Blood Sight's release on Friday.

In advance of that, I've been doing a blog tour behind the scenes - I actually wrote the posts about a week or so ago, so I kinda... well, forgot that they started.


I'm kinda telling little rambling stories about my life as a writer; where the urge came from and what I did with it...

Ragnarok Legacy (that's a cool blog title, I think, don't you?) hosted me yesterday

And today you can find me talking about my old high school English teacher on Alex Laybourne's blog... (as a note, Alex's zombie novel, Diaries of the Damned, is pretty fun...

I'll be around most of the week, and I'll get you links as they come available!

And then Friday is my release party, so if you haven't made with the clickie, you totally should.

(Among other prizes, Sean - my cover model - has signed several posters for the books, and I'll be giving those away... once they make the trip back here from Sacramento...)

I've been running full throttle for a while now, and I seem to have caught my husband's cold (not surprising). Starting April 1st, I'll be writing again full time - Howling Bitch ain't gonna write itself...

So, keep your eye on the ball, and I'll try not to fall down too often.

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