Monday, August 11, 2014

Busy Writer is Busy

Got my projected publication date for A Marked Man.... which is late December, so I will have four novels (or collections) published this year. I'm still not quite sure when the Coming Together: Among the Stars will be headed to print because I've never done this sort of anthology before. I suspect a lot of it depends on me. How long it takes to finish selecting, how long it takes me to get contracts back, how long it takes me to do the edits and have everything ready....

(As a side note, if you're working on a submission for this collection, the deadline is, theoretically, Friday. But as I'm reading the submissions in the order that they came in, if you send me yours late, I'll just put it at the bottom of the stack. Once I reach the bottom of the stack, then I'm done... query me if you're going to be later than that.)

I still don't know publication date for Blues and I am told that Torquere works only a few months out in terms of the calendar.

So far, my schedule looks pretty crazy:

August / September

  • Read and select stories for Coming Together: Among the Stars
  • Get acceptance letters out and contracts written up
  • Finish writing Classic (I may need to step up my writing game just a little bit with this one; current time on project sees me finishing the 2nd week of October at 62,000 words, if I write at the rate I've been going)
  • Edit Howling Bitch for send out to my beta readers (there are some plot problems with it, and I need to get those fixed, otherwise my beta readers are just going to tell me what I already know)
  • attend writer's retreat in Richmond


  • Get contracts back for Coming Together: Among the Stars
  • Edit those stories
  • Edit A Wanted Woman
  • write forward for Coming Together: Among the Stars


  • NaNoWriMo - The Sins of Angels, Demoniac Codex, book 3


  • Final pass at A Marked Man for publication
  • Get Howling Bitch back from beta readers and clean that up


  • Finish writing Sins of Angels
  • Send Classic around to beta readers

I think that's as far out as I can project right now...

nebulous items on my plate

  • write steampunk novel, Wormwood Trade
  • write All that Jazz (Rainbow Connections side novel)
  • write Death Magic (Book Four, Demoniac Codex)
  • write Punked Up (Rainbow Connections side novel)
  • write Me, Flailing (BDSM novel)
  • write contemporary romance, Hailey's Comet

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