Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Coming Together: Among the Stars Table of Contents

I've finally gotten all my contracts in house. I've been working on the edits for stories, and today I can finally announce the table of contents, since all my writers are signed on.

I'm so excited to say that. My writers.


My precious....

Okay, maybe I'm a little obsessed. I've really been enjoying the process of making an anthology. It's new and different and exciting. I've got 21 stories here that range from really good to Oh my FUCKING God.... and I think you're going to love them as much as I do. Also, about a third of my writers are men, which is a pretty good mix for a genre (erotica) that tends to be highly female dominated.

Table of Contents

Introduction, "The Thrust of Curiosity; a little science friction..." - Lynn Townsend

Rose Caraway - Duali-Teaze
Annabeth Leong - Repair Mission
Lynn Townsend - Situation Normal
E.S. Wynn - A Matter of Taste
T.B. Bond - Getting Even
T.B. Bond - Love in a Space Elevator
Elizabeth Black - Longing
Zee Giovanni - Forbidden Goods of the Galaxy
Nobilis Reed - Birth of a Monster Whisperer
Essemoh Teepee - Gyozo's Mate
George Box - Yvette
Jade A. Waters - The Joy Ride
Nickie Jamison - S.E.T.H.
Elliot DeLocke - Sense-Think-Act 
Delilah Night - Love is a Virus 
V.L. Locey - Rose of High Barbary
Adrik Kemp - Of Gods and Men
 Skilja Peregrinarius - A Fully Functional Lo^ghi
Kathleen Tudor - Navigator
Elizabeth L. Brooks - Bleeding Red
Malin James - The Power of Positive Thinking

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