Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Howling Bitch

So, Howling Bitch is out today...

And you can buy it here from Amazon

It's the sequel to last year's Blood Sight. The books are not entirely stand-alone, and it will improve your reading experience if you take them as a series, but if you don't, I mostly sum-up, and you don't HAVE to read Blood Sight...


Life's a bitch... and then there's Taite. 

Nico Marrone was never the plays-nicely-with-others type. When doing the wrong thing for the right reasons costs him a cushy spot with the Paranormal Police, Nico takes up the only other work he's trained for; supernatural bounty hunting. Called to the far north to find the daughter of a preacher, abducted by creatures unknown, Nico finds himself rapidly in over his head. A desperate mistake leads him into an uneasy alliance with a wild and beautiful lycanthrope, Taite Julien. Can he win her love before she discovers his secrets? 

Otherwise known as Howling Bitch, Taite is just doing her job. Driven by history and duty, the lycans have always protected the innocent from demonic schemes. Bitch races against the legions of Hell to find answers and prevent a literal Hell on Earth. Bound together by prophecy, entangled by forbidden desire, can Bitch and Nico rescue the girl, liberate Taite's people, and maybe even save the world. Or will the truth cost her everything, even her soul? 

Check it out, it's a howling good read.

And join tonight's release party on Facebook for a chance to win prizes, free copies of the books, read some excerpts, etc...

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