Friday, April 24, 2015

So Much Work

I've been doing so much work recently, it feels like I haven't gotten anything done.

I mean, it's almost the end of April. I'd meant to do Camp NaNoWriMo this year because I am behind on a bunch of projects, but no, I ended up with other projects and more projects, and while I've gotten a lot of writing and stuff done, I'm still behind. Sort of.

In some senses of where I wanted to be with done-ness.

I'm about somewhere between a third and halfway done with Sins of Angels, but it's the same place I was last month, because other projects and editing and outlining have gotten in the way. On the plus side, I don't actually need to have it turned in to my publisher until December, so I still have plenty of time, but I hate feeling like I might be rushed LATER, so I'm making up for it by being rushed NOW.

I just got the edits back in for Classic. And an acceptance for Cascade Failure. And marketing documents for two pieces in house. And I'm expecting a beta-read back for A Wanted Woman soon, which is due to my publisher June 1st. Which will mean I need to do those edits VERY Soon Now.

And I'm writing a novella for a series that sounds really fun. I'm most of the way done with writing that, and I expect to be done with it in the next week or so... if I can just get past the sex scene, really. (I write so much sex that sometimes it's hard--oh, so hard!--to avoid writing the same damn scene over and over again.) I mean, I love sex, I really do. And I like crazy sex. But real people have the same sex over and over again. You just do. Especially when you've been with the same person for years....

Cascade Failure, which is a continuation of the Home Improvement series (started in Home Inspection, found in Whetting the Appetite and continued in last year's Building Us in the They Do anthology), seems a bit like my life recently. When one thing goes wrong and then another, and none of the things in and of themselves are very difficult or awful, but they just sort of pile on you until you're at the bottom of a stack of shit going "can I just stop now?"

My husband broke a tooth all the way to his jaw, there were complications with that which prevented him getting into the dentist for almost three weeks... and the joy that is my husband in pain AND on pain meds. Honestly, I'm not sure which is worse. And I chipped a tooth in the same week, because why not? And while my daughter is doing very well in school, we've had a ton of parent-school activities that just keep stacking together... and my cousin's husband died in a terrible car accident... and my mother came to visit for the first time in... honestly, I can't actually remember the last time we saw her at our house? Maybe when the childthing was three? (she's almost 12 now)

I've had a few issues with one of my publishers that resulted in a story I wrote potentially being off the market, after they even had Amazon pre-order dates and everything. I have a couple of other stories out in limbo and editors have not responded to emails for clarification.

I'll be opening submissions for my new anthology Soon... but not entirely sure when, altho we're aiming for a Halloween publication because that's the perfect time to release a shape shifter anthology. (keep an eye on this space for details!)

So, I've been really busy...

Breathe.... breathe...

Cascade Failure 

Teaser: Parenting never even looks easy. When a high-travel job conflicts with raising a family, will Eric and Temple be able to be there, for their kids, or even for each other?
'Blurb: The conflict between work and home life has never been greater for Eric Hopkins—trying to make a better life for his children, Eric takes a job with high travel, leaving him hundreds of miles away when his family needs him the most. For Temple Richardson, local employment and more time at home means dealing with school officials, toddler mishaps, and sick dogs, all while trying to plan the perfect birthday for his spouse.

When one mishap leads to another and the whole day comes tumbling down, can these two very different men get their lives, and their priorities, straight? Or will cascading failure finally rip them apart?

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