Monday, December 21, 2015

Pre-Order a Little Stocking Stuffer for yourself

So, last book of the year is out on the 25th of December,,,

Pick up your steaming hot copy of Coming Together: Keeping Warm

Coming Together: Keeping Warm is a collection of erotic fiction edited by Alessia Brio. Proceeds benefit Operation Warm.


Sommer Marsden
Lisabet Sarai
Allison Wonderland
Leigh Ellwood
Xan West
Robert Buckley
Peach Robidoux
Lynn Townsend
Annabeth Leong
Delilah Night
Jim Reader

So, there you have it; heat up your kindle and support a good cause.

My story in this collection is Pistols & Guns, previously published by Hot Ink as a stand alone short.

The difference is knowing when to shoot...
Half Scot, half Irish, all hot-head, Turner Gillespie ain't about to tolerate no horse-thief taking what is his. Especially when the thief is a scrawny, under-fed kid with a big gun.
Eppie just wants to get away from Ellis Ballard, the man who murdered her mother and forced her into an intolerable marriage. She has money, Turner has a horse; why is this a problem?
When Eppie reaches for her gun and finds herself holding onto a tool of a different sort, sparks fly in the hot, western desert...
But will they learn to trust each other before Ballard comes looking for his wayward bride?

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