Saturday, June 25, 2016

Tiny Little Things

When I was a girl, I wanted a dollhouse more than anything (well, maybe not more than I wanted to Millennium Falcon action figure ship from Kenner.)

Not because I liked playing with dolls, although I did my fair share of that, too (including one time burning all the hair off one of my barbies because I tried to use a light fixture as a hair dryer. Don't ask. I was handy with a screwdriver, but not always very foresighted. PS - burning plastic smells terrible. PSS - my parents didn't have a smoke detector and I don't think my mother ever knew that I did that...)

But no, because I was stupidly in love with tiny things.

I'm still obsessed with Tiny Things.

See my on-again, off-again, currently off-again photo project (which I would be More On if I hadn't spent the last 10 months now dealing with chronic illness... it's getting better, I promise, but still...) Tiny T-Rex ...

Part of a card game that I never played
I love miniatures and china figurines. I like snow globes and music boxes.

When I was in high school, I spent a while being crafty -- I wish cameras had been as ubiquitous as they are now, because I don't have any photos of these things -- I built a castle from cardboard and wooden skewers. Working drawbridge and portcullis... if I removed the keep from inside the walls, my cat could sit inside it. (Pretty sure my mother actually does have a picture of Puff inside the castle, but I don't know where it is...)

I also made my own dollhouse, after being denied one for so long. I cross-section cut shoe boxes so they were open to the light, used scrap material as wallpaper and cut and glued together chair-rails and floorboards. I made beds from tall grill matches and paint. I even melted down a candle to dip tiny candles (using floss for wicks) Took me the better part of a year to make out four rooms, two bedrooms, a dining room, and a living room (with built in bookshelves and tiny little books)

this llama came in a matchbox as a set

I also have a stupidly large collection of tiny china figurines that are up on the walls in my office in old printer's trays...

I mostly stopped buying the china figurines in college; for years I didn't have anywhere to display my shelves safely. They've only recently come out of storage... 

But even without collecting china, I've been known to buy other tiny things, just because they're tiny... this is an eraser that I bought on impulse a few years ago. I never do anything with it, it just lives on my desk and sometimes I look at it... little tiny things make me stupidly happy.

it's like a dick, only smaller

And because I do what I do, one of my friends sent me this tiny bag of dicks... 

These days, though, I collect Pop Figures... tons and tons of Pop Figures. If you ever want to get me a present... I don't even care, most of the time, what they're from because they are Sooooo Cute....

Like this lovely one of Harley Quinzel...

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