Monday, August 13, 2012

Blog Tour: Bigger Briefs with Lily Sawyer

“Reluctant Romance:  Laying the Foundation” by Lily Sawyer

There are so many challenges in this life and one of them is finding love.  I myself, haven’t, been successful.   After a time you just tend to give up or stop trying.   You wrap yourself in something else like work or a hobby and figure it’s never going to happen so why bother looking.

It’s usually about that time, when you’re not looking, that something happens, that certain someone comes into your life and you have no idea what to do.   Whether to trust yourself or your feelings.

In my story Chester Jones is an architect, his last relationship ended badly and he was resigned to living in the beautiful mountains of Colorado…alone.    As an architect he could do most of his work from home, only having contact with another human being when he had to consult with a client.

Jesse Waters is a successful surgeon in a hospital in Denver.   He loves his work, but with the long hours he works he barely leaves the hospital.  He wants a break from the hectic city life and decides to build a getaway retreat in the woods.    He needs an architect, his builder mentions Chester Jones.

They get together, toss ideas around and Chester creates some schematics of the new house.   They end up working closely together, the relationship goes from being professional to more than either man expected and, perhaps wanted.  At least on Chester’s part.

There are so many issues on being in a relationship and making it work.    Love is only a part of it.    Trust and communication play a big role.   Far too many people can say the words “I love you,” it’s not hard to say, but it’s just lip service.   Chester was used by his former lover, lied to and then tossed out like yesterday’s garbage.   So finding someone new wasn’t top priority, he looks at Jesse and can’t help remember what he’d gone through before.   It takes time for him to trust again and to open his heart to love.

Jesse has spent so much time being married to his profession that relationships took a backseat.    Chester lights a fire inside Jesse, he never expected it.   And when Chester is reluctant to move their relationship to the next level he decides some persuasion is in order.

I think my problem is, like Chester, letting my guard down.   Allowing yourself to be vulnerable and open to the possibility of getting hurt.   No one wants to get hurt, Chester certainly went through the ringer the first time with his ex and he didn’t want another go around.   But Jesse isn’t his ex, he is a caring man full of love to give, but will Chester open his eyes and let Jesse show him that not everyone is a lying jerk like his ex.

Live is full of challenges, upheavals, good times and bad.   I think we should try to hang onto the good times and learn from the bad ones and keep putting one foot in front of the other.

Reluctant Romance: Guys and Guys is available from Amazon UK, Amazon US and All Romance eBooks.

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