Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Synchronous Rotations Release

Synchronous Rotation by Lynn Townsend

In a reimagined 1890's London, where steam-driven airships rule the skies
and monsters roam the streets, Duncan Farnsworth is discovering that being a
vampire is not exactly good for his chances of finding love, continuing the
family line, or getting a bite to eat. Maneuvering his way around a
sarcastic butler, his spinster sister, a run-in with an amorous werewolf,
and finally confronted by a dead soldier and a French airship captain,
Duncan finally finds exactly what he is thirsting for.

Continuing the storyline begun in the Shifting Steam anthology and continued
in The Blister Effect, Synchronous Rotations takes a look at another player
from that infamous card game, Duncan Farnsworth. If you like your steampunk
with a little supernatural on top, Synchronous Rotations should wind you
right up.

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(At the time of posting, all stories are ON SALE, so if you haven't read these yet and want to, this is probably a good time to buy them...)

Author Extra:

Meeting Agnes, From The Blister Effect

"Agnes," Dex said, presenting the woman to Seth, "this is my dear friend,
Lord Maitland. My lord, allow me to present to you Doctor Agnes Kerohen,
brilliant blacksmith and inventor. The new engine here in the Venti is her
creation. It allows the airship to travel nearly twice the distance as other
ships this size, with much greater maneuverability. She is a genius."

"Absurdite! Jou will not make away with my secrets so easily, through jour
flattery." Agnes visibly preened under Dex's attention and Seth found his
hands curling into fists. Talons bit into his palm. Shocked, he opened his
hands. He'd not known anything but the moon could drive forward the change.
Seth took several breaths to calm himself and the cracking, fever-heat of
the shift slowed.

"I can but try. I shall never be your equal."

"In zee ships, no, but jou are briliante, how do you say, in matters of zee
tiny cogs. Not like my airsheep here, but zee small, zat must work with zee
human body. Zere is no one else who understands zee human body like jou."
Agnes smirked up at Dex, winking. "Come! I vill show joo zee sheep!" With
that, the tiny woman flounced away, her hips swinging suggestively as she
led the way deeper into the belly of the airship.

"Did you just growl?" Dex stared at Seth in astonishment.

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