Thursday, December 19, 2013

25 Days of CHBB, What Does the Fox Say version

I have decided to go ahead and give this ornament away! If you want it, please comment here, "like" my facebook page, or follow me on Twitter. I will give bonus three entries if you go to Amazon, buy Pistols & Guns, (my cowboy short story) and email me your order number... (If you've already ordered, liked, followed and are otherwise adorable and wonderful, just let me know in an email and we'll get you some entries for being FAN-tastic.)  

Hi, everyone!

So yeah, the fox doesn't have anything to do with anything, but I like the picture... Also, I've been making these diorama ornaments for the last several days, which is fun, kinda artsy and involves no actual talent on my part whatsoever. Last year I thought I'd try to teach myself to crochet this year... yeah, like that happened. I did ACTUALLY go to a class and sort of maybe a little bit learned how to crochet a straight line, but that was totally it. Also, I found it insanely boring.... further, my best friend - recently divorced, so had all the sudden a LOT of free time on her hands - took up crocheting again... she already knew how to do it, and was just applying it to weird-geeky-art... after seeing this

that I decided Flying Spaghetti Monster did NOT want me to learn to crochet, because I would only embarrass myself.

So, I've been making these little dioramas, and really, really enjoying it.

(Also, yes, I have a weird "thing" for the What Does the Fox Say song. Don't ask... I really don't understand it myself.)

And in between all that, I've been busting my buns to finish my novel, Blues, which is the sequel to my upcoming Torquere publication, Roll, available end of February 2014. And writing a short story for another friend's multimedia publishing endeavor. Once I'm done with those two projects, I'll start work on Howling Bitch, the sequel to my upcoming Vamptasy novel, Blood Sight, available in March 2014.

Aaaaand I have a bunch of short stories that I want to do for next year. Aaaaand I have formatting to do on the collection of short stories I'm co-authoring with Elizabeth L. Brooks... (she of the somewhat disturbing crochetted elder gods)

Busy writer is busy. 

Which would be part of the reason why I'm getting Boston Market to do my Christmas dinner this year....

I'll be here all day; why not talk to me about what you're doing for Christmas (if you celebrate it, religiously, secularly, or if you're Grinching it up, or not Christian - or American, since it seems like as an American, you get kinda inundated with Christmas regardless... personally, I'm a Gravitational Absolutist...)

(If you really like my silly fox ornament and enough people ask, maaaaaybe I'll give one away.... say "What does the fox want for Christmas" in the comments...)


  1. Lol, I don't know what the Fox says since I run everytime my kids try to get me to listen to it! I took a knitting class with my midfle child through his school and all I could think was "I hope I don't stab myself! ". My son learned well though but he's the kind that likes to learn to do something then he's done with it. We usually just spend a quiet day at home. The kids open gifts while I run around picking up paper. Then I spend hours trying to liberate the toys from packaging while trying to avoid an ER trip! My husband watches football and occassionally laughs at me while telling one kid or another to "just hand that to mom, she'll open it". I love him obviously since he's still around. Lol! Dinner is like Thanksgiving all over again. Finally at some point I get to curl up and read all alone ( hahaha, yeah sure!)

    1. awwww. I rather love the song.

      one of my favorite holiday traditions is basting the cook; I always make mimosas for christmas breakfast...

  2. The fox wants ( I really dislike this song lol) a brand new truck/car or a pasta maker to make homemade pasta

    1. I tried making my own pasta a few times, never could really get the dough to do anything but sit there and look uncooperative. But maybe you'll have better luck!

  3. The ornament is adorable! :D
    I followed you on twitter: @dreamilymacabre and liked your page on FB! <3
    What does the fox want for Christmas?

    Good luck with all the writing! :D

    I'm not Christian but most of my family is, so I usually just celebrate with them anyways. We don't do anything too special. We just get the family together for a big dinner and we open presents. :D
    I'm actually Wiccan so my holiday is the 21st. But I don't celebrate it much myself. I just take the time to reflect on life, haha. :D
    If you don't mind my asking, what is a Gravitational Absolutist? I've never heard of it.
    Nice meeting you!

    -Samantha Harlow

    1. Hi Samantha! Glad you could stop by!

      Gravitational Absolutist : Gravity works, all the time, under all circumstances. Everything else is open to questions... essentially, I'm a sarcastic atheist,

  4. First, those crochet animals are absolutely adorable!! I want one! Second, while the song "What does the Fox Say?" is catchy, the music video is downright strange.

    My Christmas - I'll go see my sister and her kids first thing in the morning (I love watching them open presents)... but then I have to work from 2p-7am the next day, so my day is gunna be LOADS of fun! Haha. We'll have a small dinner at my house for me, my roommate & her son, and my brother later in the week. Since we've all been living together, we have been celebrating Christmas a little later than most people due to our work schedules, but we make it work since we all have the patience to wait to open presents now that we're grown.

    1. well, you'll have to take up the crochetting thing with Elizabeth L. Brooks - she does those. i keep telling her she'd do well to open an etsy store.

      wow, that's a long shift!

      thanks for stopping by!

  5. I think the ornament is adorable! I especially love Emblem3's cover of the song they released on Halloween. It's hilarious!!! What does the fox want for Christmas?
    Followed on twitter @Kandi_In_KS and liked on FB!
    Every year my family gets together on Christmas Eve at my Grandma's house for dinner and gifts. Christmas morning we open gifts at home, then we go to my parents' house for the rest of our gifts and Christmas dinner. :)

    1. thanks for stopping by! I'm glad people like my ornament. Emblem3? I don't know that I've heard of them, so I'll check it out. I'm an avid music collector!

  6. I LOVE THAT SONG!!! I even have it as my ringtone haha. The stuffies are so cute!

    For my Christmas: starts on Christmas Eve at my dad's moms house, my grandmas. Where that side of the family gets together and eats lol. The Christmas Day I open presents with the hubbs, then he goes to his parents and I go to mine. I open presents there and then that side of the family gets together and opens presents lol and stockings!!