Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Guest Post, A.R. Moler: A Foodie Writes

Say hi to one of my coffee-girls... There does seem to be quite a few of us m/m writers in the Tidewater area... I wonder if that says something about the area, or if it's just that Torquere seems to get a lot of word-of-mouth advertising. We got together just before Thanksgiving for a coffee and chat, which was great. I love her kids (and our children get on well, even if I will probably always call her son by the wrong name)...


When I was writing Coming to Terms I used a little of my food shopping tendencies to structure the initial scene. I admit, I'm a foodie. I'm also married to guy who's parents are British and travel extensively. We travel a lot too. I guess you could say that impacts my grocery habits. Saturday started with a trip to the local Brit shop so we could get bangers, pickled onions and digestives, along with couple of candy bars my kids adore that aren't made in this country (Aero and Flake). Then we went to an international food market and picked up nori, rice vinegar, wasabi and green tea frozen mochi as well as some pot noodles (I have no idea what flavor because I don't read Korean) and Ramune soda. Dinner was at a Turkish doner kebab place we'd been meaning to try for weeks. This is actually a fairly average Saturday for us.
This morning I rode my motorcycle over to a high end grocery store to get sashimi grade tuna because dinner tonight is going to involve trying out the new sushi roll light saber I bought a few weeks back. Okay, it's not really a light saber... think sushi roll extruder, kind of like the playdoh pasta squisher. Fingers crossed it'll work without making a mess.
Coming To Terms When Aidan Sterling has been to hell and back doing his duty to his country, who will help him come to terms with what happened?
Sometimes, inevitably, life hits a snag. What if love turns up at the same time? Aidan Sterling's life has hit one of those moments-the times when things might just change whether he wants it to or not. Outside of the inherent paranoia of his active career in covert ops, he's recovering from some serious physical and emotional trauma from a mission gone disastrously wrong. His bosses aren't sure if he's up to returning to active fieldwork---and neither is he. And Kris Jameson is the kind of guy who'll take the time to understand and care about Aiden. He's a regular guy with a large heart. Kris is a carpenter and a part-time bouncer, easy going and hardworking. But not all danger can be found overseas, and nice guys aren't always safe even here at home.

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