Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Sexy Librarian's Big Book of Erotica Book Tour

Sexy Librarian and two sexy writers

Most of my readers know this, but anyone who's stopping by for the first time, let me give you a little back ground on this Alpha to Omega picture.

Kristina Wright, lovely, talented, coffee-addict. I met her because I'm funny.

That always sounds weird to me. I'm amusing. I spent a good deal of time in my formative years being in the shadow of a very funny boyfriend. There was no possibility of feeling funny; in that relationship, my job was to laugh. And I did, quite a lot. Don't get me wrong, he was hilarious. Still is. We didn't part on great terms, but eventually we got to be friends again, and I'm grateful for it. But it's hard to be a candle when you're standing next to the spotlight.

I don't think of myself as funny. People say I'm amusing and I just look at them like... wha? Don't you know... and then I remember how very long ago that was... anyway, long aside.

Kristina Wright made my acquaintance because I was funny. She deliberately sought me out, engaged in conversation, and really started the entire friendship based on a silly comment I made about meeting my coffee supplier like a drug dealer in the parking lot of Wal-Mart. This has to be a first for me, since most of the friends I hang with are friendships that I sought out, I started. (Both Elizabeth Brooks and T.B. Bond are friends because I bothered them while they were reading...)

Once that friendship was established, I became one of her writers... I've published Garden Variety, Snake Dance, and Golden Moment with her, with a couple stories in the "pending publication" pile.

And Rose Caraway, ah the Sexy Librarian...

I'm often attracted to titles; I have, for instance, a CD in my collection called Rat Music for Rat People.

When I saw the call for Sexy Librarian's Big Book of Erotica, I felt like I just had to be in it. What a great title, just fantastic. I thought, if I could get into this collection... the perfect moment. So, I submitted Full Frontal Neighbor, which was, quite frankly, a story that had taken over my brain, refused to leave me alone. I didn't have an antho in mind for it when I wrote it, it just demanded my attention and so I gave it the time it required.

I met Rose recently, you've seen the reports and Facebook and whatnot, talking about the Mid-Atlantic Erotica Writer's Retreat. (Which was so fun, and so very, very productive! I met great people, I made great contacts, I got some new contracts ad new ideas; be on the lookout for a new shifter story that I'm working on...)

Rose and I click really well. I adore her, she makes me laugh, and she just lights up the room. But not like my spotlight ex-boyfriend. She glows. And just being there, in the room, she makes everyone else and everything else shine. So incredibly enthusiastic (enough to inspire our Canadian fan to fly down just to meet her!) and talented, and incredibly generous with her spirit and energy. She's not like the sun, flying too close to Rose will bring out the best in you, not send you falling, Icarus-like, from the sky.

I love this book. Beautiful, wonderful, and delicious. (Confession, I'm still working my way through it; busy writer is busy...)

The card catalog, which everyone has mentioned, I just have to bring up again.

What a clever, brilliant, funny little idea.

I love the diversity of the stories contained within; the cards help you sort by what you want to read. I've always loved the themed antho - if I want to read a cowboy story, I know right where to go... but this was like a glorious, erotic, wondrous buffet table, filled with crystal display plates, each with its tempting little morsel. I can have a nibble here and a nibble there and go away feeling more satisfied than if I sat down and ate an entire serving of something.

And it's really nice to be alongside some of my favorite writers. Sommer Marsden, D.L. King, Tamsin Flowers, Rachel Kramer Bussel. And, of course, Kristina Wright, who gave me my start, encouraged me to submit, and has been one of my most favorite editors to work with...

One thing, however, that amuses me; while we were all at Fountain Bookstore, I completely forgot to get Kristina and Rose to sign MY copy of the Big Book... I may have been just a little star-struck.

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