Sunday, January 25, 2015

Blues on Tour

It's one of my favorite things; the blog hop.

Sometimes it's just a post of my promo material, sometimes it's an indepth interview, sometimes it's talking to my characters... I get the attention of new readers, bring people in to see my worlds, and get to interact with fellow authors and bloggers.

Tour Dates

These dates subject to change or be added in as I get my shit together

Torquere Press:
Barnes and Noble:
(more as they pop up)

- January 29th - Posting on Torquere's blog, Romance for the Rest of Us - The Evils of Reality

- January 30th - Spoilers and Headspace (contains no actual spoilers!) on Delilah Devlin's Blog
Also, my release party on Facebook

- February 1st - on Lindsay Avalon's blog - General Promo and excerpt

- February 2nd - on my blog, Delilah Night from Coming Together: Among the Stars

- February 2ndOn Addiction and Relationships - Victoria Blisse's Blog

I will also be appearing on Janine Ashbless's blog with a Blue Monday excerpt from London Steam

- February 3rd - on Eclectic Me's - general blurb and excerpt

- February 4th - Lily Mac's Blog - general blurb and excerpt

- February 7th - Malin James' Blog - Soundtrack of Blues

- Febrary 8th - V.L. Locey's blog - exclusive NSFW, reach for the ice water excerpt

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