Thursday, July 21, 2011

If I had to pick

Well, I probably couldn't. I've read a lot of truly awesome books this year.

That being said, Thea Harrison's Dragon Bound is definitely in the top ten. (Along with Shannon K. Butcher's Sentinel series, Meljean Brooks' Iron Duke... this list could go on and on, and perhaps the next time I'm hard up for blogging material, I'll talk about some of my favorite books and authors in more detail.)

So... given that Thea is awesome (she really is! She even frequently answers my tweets!) and Dragon Bound is awesome, you want this book. You need this book! You must have this book! (ok, ok, I must have this book!) you should wander around the book-tour and get it!

Given that I already HAVE a copy of Dragon Bound, if I win (the contest gives out both books!) then I will be so kind as to give away my extra copy to one of MY blog readers who comments HERE that they went THERE. (is that confusing? I think that might be confusing. ANYWAY, getting ahead of myself.)

Go. Go go go go go.

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