Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My Three Favorite Words

DONE DONE DONE! (said with all appropriate amounts of drama... in fact, usually I sing them)

Finished off my WIP yesterday. Skating in just under the maximum word-count at 8,987 words (for a 5,000 - 10,000 word short story... honestly, 10k words doesn't seem "short" to me, that's 20 pages, but I guess it doesn't really fall into novella lengths either.)

I've said it before, I'll say it again; I get my best work done at the laundromat. How weird is that?

Well, it does have some things going for it - there's no wifi there unless I want to cross the street and work over at the Burger King. Without the web and email to distract me, I can get a lot more accomplished. (I've thought about trying to set up some sort of timer on the wireless in the house... push a button and the wifi comes down for an hour? Eh.... because you know, I don't want to set up some sort of from 10am - 3pm, no internet... what if I'm taking the day off and want to play Warcraft?)

There's something soothing about the sound of so many washers and dryers running, unless someone's load gets unbalanced, in which case it reminds me greatly of some upstairs neighbors I used to have. For them, I was so tempted to blare music with a good, steady backbeat, just because I felt sorry for them and their complete lack of rhythm.

And mostly no one bothers me anymore. I can get in a good solid 25 minutes, get up, stretch, switch the loads from washer to dryer and get in another good, solid 30 minutes. You might think I wouldn't get much done in less than an hour, but solid work seems to flow out of the laundromat. It's either work or watch daytime TV, and frankly, I'd rather spork myself to death than watch Wheel of Fortune, or any of the Judge Judy sorts of things that they have running in there.

Yesterday while I was there, I ran into a woman with some absolutely lovely tattoo work. So, after I bundled up my wash and got it into the car, I stopped to talk with her. Turns out she's a romance reader, so I left her my card. If she ends up here - Hi Courtney! - that's cool. I wish I'd thought to take pictures, her breastbone work was particularly amazing. That's the other thing about the laundromat... her dryer had broken down, so she's not a regular... I meet some fascinating people there. (sometimes less than fascinating... the skinhead guy who didn't want to take "no, I won't date you" for an answer comes to mind)

So... now I'm done with Shadow of Kenfig. I sent it out to my betas yesterday and already got one back.


edit Shadow of Kenfig, (Aug 1)
submit Shadow of Kenfig (Aug 10)
2,500 - 4,500 word short story, A is for Absinthe, Steampunk Romance (Sep 15)
edit Marked Man, Cha 1 - 10 (Sept 30)
1,500 - 3,000 word short story, Ripped, about succubi (Oct 1)
2,500 - 4,500 word short story, P.B.E.M., Duty & Desire (Oct 15)

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