Monday, July 25, 2011

Out Out Damned WIP

So, I finished my WIP, now titled Shadow of Kenfig, the other day, got it out to my betas, got back some excellent suggestions, edited it and mailed it off.


Sorry about that. There's just something about putting myself out there; characters I love, story-lines that I crafted, that just makes me physically sick. I've already been stalking my email box for the last several weeks waiting for hear about another story...

I've got a couple of things on my plate; the question is, of course, which do I work on?

I have the succubi short story, the military short story, my fantasy-romance novel to redraft, my historical romance novel, and a possible sequel to Shadow. (Those characters really will just Not Shut Up.)

I also have a book to read and review. Several novels are going to be published in the next two weeks that I've been waiting for; Jim Butcher's Ghost Story, Shannon Butcher's Blood Hunt, and Thea Harrison's Storms Heart are all coming out in the next WEEK. (Oh yay, stuff to read. Don't expect to hear from me for a while until I come up for air.)

I have a MS (is is a MS, for a manuscript, or an MS, since I say "Em Ess" instead of Manuscript when I read MS.) to look over for a friend.

Oh, and Cowboys and Aliens is coming out on Friday. (Yes, yes, yes yes yes yes oh yes! pardon me, movie-gasm!)

Looking at this list, I still sound pretty busy.... but my calendar looks a little empty and nothing's particularly pressing.

How... odd.

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