Friday, January 4, 2013

My First "Work Week"

Here I am.

This was a half-week - the husband was on vacation until the 1st. On Wednesday, everyone went back to work or school. Yeah, that was fun. I live in a house full of sloths. I kept trying to convince both (or either) of them that they needed to start thinking about, MAYBE, going to bed early and getting up somewhere in the actual A.M.

Yeah, right.

So, I had to make schedule adjustments, but I got a lot done this week.

Wrote a little over 1,500 words, took care of a lot of blog administrative stuff, including writing up author interviews (I'm going to start hosting other writers on my blog, generally on Thursdays, starting the 17th of January...) and getting slots set up. I still have one slot open, the 21st of February. (Which happens to be my 15th anniversary!)

I got some prompts for the ultra-short collection, and I've written the first one. Liz and I talked about it and we're going to set up Wednesdays as our "due dates" for the stories; which is to say we need to give them to each other by Wednesday. I'm ahead for the week, since this one's not due until the 9th. How about them apples?

So, my first short-short, written from Jeannie's prompt... was finished yesterday, wrapping up at ~1,000 words. And I worked about an hour of "over-time."

(I'm going to mark that down somewhere, so that when I end up cleaning frantically, or have something to do or just do NOT feel like going "in to work" today, I have a built up bank of extra hours...)

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