Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Return of the Kings

So, I finally get to talk about the project that I worked on last year...

I have this friend out in California (I swear, I have a ton of friends in California, really... should I ever get bored with this coast, I'll have a built in social-life somewhere else...) who is a writer and a dreamer and an all around geek... and he - much like I do - has a collection of artistic, writer, geeky friends. And for his 45th birthday, we all got together and made him this... book.


Cthulu and Rubber Duckies. Squids and mechnical Dragons. Elvis's reanimated colon vs. Hastur.

We wrote round-robin. Each person getting about three weeks to write up their chapter, building off what had already been written. Because of personal issues - I went to second to last. Originally I'd been scheduled to write in May, but with the move, I just didn't have time.

But that meant I got to help direct the story toward some sort of resolution, and in a fit of inspiration, I actually titled the story... I admit to some inspiration by Tom Smith

Well, it just went from there... I mean, Elvis is the King of Rock and Roll, and Hastur is described frequently as "The King in Yellow."

It was a delightful project, even if I had to write frantically to get several things done all at once. (I had my chapter due Oct 23rd, and then a short story due Oct 31st, (W.O.L.) and another one due Nov 1st (Holiday Hours) and the fact that I not only got all three of them done, but accepted and published... well.. that just shows you how awesome I am, right?)

Now, as I understand it from Jennifer, the woman who did the final edits and arranged all this mayhem, Return of the Kings will be available to the general public on Amazon and Lulu, rather soonish. I'll keep you posted on that, if you want your own copy... any proceeds made from sale of the book will be donated to a charity - Clarion Foundation is the one currently under discussion.

Oh, and just to keep you informed and updated, W.O.L. is out today. Here's the link for Torquere's site, and I'll get the paperback one up as soon as I find it...

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