Tuesday, February 3, 2015

January in Review

For the last two years, I've done these Year in Review things around November because I get frustrated with my seeming lack of progress...

I know that sounds weird to people who view my output as some incredible thing--just remember, things look different from the inside--but I have a lot of trouble seeing what my life looks like. I feel like I spend a lot of time screwing around. And as a note, my house is still not even remotely clean, altho having just read about a fellow writer/editor's problems with hoarding, I can feel comforted that at least I don't have that problem.

In any case, I've been feeling a little slack recently and thought I'd go through and list what I've been up to for the last month...

Accomplishments in January

- I wrote about 10,000 words on Sins of Angels, not as much as I'd wanted to do, but the project--which is already contracted for publication in March of 2016, doesn't actually need to be finished until, meh, September? That'll give me enough time to get it edited, redrafted, and turned in by January of next year. (I just turned in the finished draft of Howling Bitch to my editor).

- I did a full second draft of Howling Bitch and turned it in.

- I spent some time in Facebook Jail (two weeks, to be precise) and I think it's really hurt Blues' sales... unlike Roll last year, Blues hasn't yet hit the best seller list. Which means people who haven't thought about the book since last year are still not thinking about it.

- I wrote a short story called How 'Bout Them Apples (5,600 words) and turned it in for a February 15th submission call.

- I wrote a proposal for Coming Together: Strange Shifters and got it approved. I'll be posting the call for submissions as soon as I get cover art. All proceeds will be donated to Bat World Sanctuary.

- I wrote 9 entries for this blog and probably another 6 for other blogs. I'm still technically on my blog "tour" but most of those posts were generated a week or more ago.

- I wrote 1,000 words on a side-story for the Rainbow Connection universe.

- I attended a convention and did almost exactly no work. I didn't even remember to drop off my business postcards on the tables around the dealer's room. Spoke briefly with my con-chair about MERW.

- I submitted a short story for an audio book

- Hosted and enjoyed a release party for Blues, and hosted an hour for Indie Author Support Week.

- solved two computer problems without resorting to turning it over to my more computer-savvy husband and saying "Here, fix this."

- read and reviewed 2 Indie novellas, read and reviewed one Indie Short story, read and reviewed one Hugo Award Winning Science Fiction novel.

- read 2 new romance novels just for fun, and re-read the 6 novels in those series, because I knew that was a goal I wasn't going to be able to keep. (Julia Quinn's Smith-Smythe Quartet and Sarah MacLean's Rules of Scoundrel series)

Goals for February

- write 20,000 words on Sins of Angels

- write short story, Cascade Failure, for March 15th submission call

- post and promote Coming Together: Strange Shifters

- finish Crank it Up short story, estimating ~5,000 words

- begin outline for Terran Academy, Economics 101; The True Cost of an Empire

- read and review at least 2 indie novels.

- read and review at least 1 book on my List of Shit that Lynn Must Read Because Her Friends Said So. (I still don't need book recommendations until I cut this list down by at least 50%)

- try to re-read less than 6 books this month because really, I have limited time and resources, and while I love re-reading, I also love reading fresh.

- clear off my dresser and dust my bed stand because. OMFSM, my room is a tiny pit and needs to be purged.

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