Saturday, November 21, 2015

New Publisher

On Wednesday, I had a long, involved conversation with my new publisher.

Yes, you heard that right -- I have found a home for my litter of orphaned kittens; which is to say, the Forging of Souls Duology and the Demoniac Codex novels have all been signed to Go Writing Publishing.

Great news

The Forging of Souls Duology will be re-released with new covers and will be available again on March 8th for A Marked Man and May 3rd for A Wanted Woman.

In addition to being available on Amazon, GWP offers other sales platforms, which means a wider release for those of you who do not have kindles... Paperback copes will also be available again.

All four novels of the Demoniac Codex will be released.

Blood Sight and Howling Bitch will have all new covers, and some slight edits will be done to both -- there were some errors that slipped by in the first printing, and the epilogue for Blood Sight will be adjusted slightly. If you've already bought the books and you just want to know the epilogue changes without buying a new copy, I'll post something on the web page to update you.

Blood Sight will be re-released on January 12th
Howling Bitch will be re-released on April 6th

Sins of Angels will come out July 1st. I know that's a long wait for those of you who were reading on the other schedule, but... you won't have to wait as long for Ghost Magic, which was originally contracted for March of 2017 and will now be released on November 9th, 2016....

All books will be released simultaneously as paperback and e-book, so those of you who spent months waiting for the paperbacks will not have to do that anymore, either.

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