Monday, November 9, 2015

Update and Stuff

So... most of you know that there's been a "thing" over at Vamptasy / CHBB / Hot Ink and all my rights have been returned to me. (The Marked Man series, and the Demoniac Codex series are returned, as well as Pistols & Guns) I don't even have enough bandwidth to be upset about this... I'm not even sure I would be upset, if I had the bandwidth. I've enjoyed working with V/CHBB/HI/Alphabet soup for a while (altho I never did find a convenient way to refer to the publishing company)

For the time being, you can still get the paperback copies of both books on Amazon until the imprint is done, then there won't be anymore available, but the kindle copies are already down... if you really really need a copy -- and of course you do! -- just send me an email at lynntownsend.writer at gmail dot com and we can work out some sort of donation for the time being to get the e-reader copy...

I've sent the novels out to look into reprints with one publisher, and hopefully I will hear something back... if not, I have some other places to try... worst comes to worst, for those of you who are reading the Demoniac Codex and are sad not to finish it, I will make those available as an e-book format, self-pubbed or donation-payments or something, so that you can at least finish the series... Check back with me in March for an update, if you don't hear anything beforehand.

(On the plus side, both books for Forging of Souls are available in the public library system in New York... )


I've also been recently diagnosed with a chronic illness, because you know, stuff just has to suck. It's called Chronic Idiopathic Urticaria, which essentially means "your body is being stupid and you have hives and we don't know why, and we're not sure how to fix it." Despite sounding like doctors are dumb, they're really not and this condition affects a LOT of people.

Now, imagine all those red spots are on fire.
This is how I feel.

*** this is your only warning that I do not need or want suggestions, woo-medical advice, suggested diet changes, no, it's not my fucking laundry detergent, I have been sick for almost 7 weeks now, it if was easy or find-able, I would have found it by now, or anything like that. I am working with my doctors on relieving the symptoms and we're going to try a recently approved medical injection series that might help me a lot. Any medical advice unless given to me by a doctor will promptly be deleted. I thank you for your concern, but computer tech and medical advice seem to be two subjects where non-experts abound. I know you probably mean well, but it's annoying me, so please stop. (If you weren't going to say anything, this isn't directed at you. If you were going to make suggestions, please don't. I'm saying please, but I'm already annoyed from my real life. Please don't add to my burden by stressing me out over here, too.) ******

Because I have been ill since the 6th of October, I'm not going to be competing in NaNo this year. I was going to, and I really did try, but I had another relapse around the 4th of November and I'm on more medication than a hyperactive kangaroo, so I'm exhausted. In addition, I'm hungry, tired, thirsty, have dry skin, have been having random hives outbreaks, have blurred vision, have hot flashes, headaches, and random swelling of my hands, feet, and face. I am, in a word, miserable.

It makes writing kinda hard. I'm trying to finish off my Riverdance story, since I'm like 5k into that and I'd like to hand it in, but Hector's story, while I'm about 5.5k into it, is just going to have to take its sweet time getting written because I'm not going to try to force it while I'm dealing with this illness.

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