Sunday, December 9, 2012

Duty & Desire Blog

So, 9th day of advent calendar thingie, go check out what Sh! has for you today... And thanks to everyone who stopped by yesterday to check out my site, and say Hi and all that. I'll draw prizes sometime late today and let you all know by Monday. Mostly because I'm a slacker and I have no plans for today and I don't want to have plans for today. I'm all social'd out and activity'd out and I just want to lounge about.

In case I forgot to mention it, here's the Duty and Desire blog. Kristina Wright and the lovely people at Cleis have put together a set of author interviews, links and reviews for this military themed erotic romance collection. They're fairly short interviews; we were all given a longish list of questions and told to pick 2 - 4 of them to answer.

And here's my interview if you just want to skip straight to that... but be sure to check out everyone's interviews; they're a lot of fun.

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