Thursday, December 20, 2012

Guesting with Delilah!

So, I missed a couple days... not shocking... hope you all haven't been forgetting to stop by the Smutty Advent Calendar!!

I'm almost done with my holiday stuff, and astonishingly enough I'm still in a good mood. Usually by this time of year I'm a complete frazzled mess. To be honest, I don't really like Christmas much. I'm not a Christian, so there's no religious value to me, it's just family crap, buying shit for people crap, getting shit from people that I don't want crap and too many Events I'm Supposed to Show Up For and be HAPPY, DAMNIT.

(If you want to troll me about how wonderful Christmas is, feel free. I'll feel free to ignore you. Just so we're all clear here...)

But this year it's been better. I'm happy. I've decorated. Without my husband basically steamrollering me into doing it. Usually he does. Around the 16th or so, he badgers and nags and whines until I finally throw our tree up and toss some ornaments on it and call it "in the way" and "good enough."  This year... things have been different. Partly, I think it's having our own house. We have not one, but three trees up. Ok, so one's the size of a Barbie Dream House tree, but it counts, right? I made a homemade wreath for my door - which continues to make me very very happy every time I walk in the door.


I had an awesome Christmas party and I think everyone had fun.

My shopping is completely done, and I have like 3 more things I need to pick up for dinner. Butter, because I forgot, and the pillsbury pie crusts. Not the ones in the tin pie pans, but the real ones that you can use as top crusts and put in your own pie plates... which for some reason only one grocery store in town has them. And orange juice, because it is a Family Tradition to have mimosas for breakfast on Christmas. 

I'm feeling good. Relaxed. And I haven't wanted to slap anyone except crazy drivers. But that's normal for me, any time of year.

And today, I'm over at Delilah Devlin's website, guest blogging.

So, hi if you're visiting from there... come in, sit down, I'll put on some coffee...

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