Thursday, November 14, 2013

And in Other News

Sometimes my days are a little too full.

This isn't exactly a complaint, just sometimes I feel like things are happening so fast that I don't really get time to enjoy them before I'm on to the next thing.

Also, I'm slightly worried about the "hedonistic treadmill" which is one of my favorite themes from The Happiness Project. (tl;dr human beings always want moremoremore to be happy. we suck.) The idea's not unique to Rubin, but that's where I first came across the idea that while I might suck, I suck about the same as everyone else, which is something, I guess...

My concern comes up that eventually I'll take for granted my publishing and the people I work with and the squee of new cover art...

That eventually I'll believe that I deserve all this.

Which is going to turn me into a giant asshole. And believe me, I don't want to be that way. (I've met a particularly famous person, who I won't name here, who is a giant asshat... because he's used to being treated a certain way... )

So, today (well, yesterday, now that you're reading this...) I got my new cover art.

Pistols & Guns is a short story, a western erotic romance... I got to have fun giving my heroine a truly horrible name (that might be a theme with me. Having a horrible name myself, I have a tendency to distribute them. It's a weird compulsion, like "this milk is going bad, here, SMELL THIS!")

Anyway, I recently sold Pistols & Guns to Hot Ink... and I'm looking forward to sharing it with you.

(Of course, now I also need to write a 'blurb for it... oh yay!)

And I got another acceptance in my email box. It's a pre-official acceptance (the publishing house could still nix me at the last minute, which has happened to me before...) so I can't say more about it than that... or, I could, the publishing house could nix me, and then I'd feel like an idiot. But ya know, that happens...

Today I did a little over 2,300 words on my NaNoWriMo project... so after taking two days off to cough my lungs out, I'm getting back to work...

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