Wednesday, February 26, 2014

So excited!

Let's just start today out with some blood-pumping music

Ok, now that I've gotten that out of the way...

My novel is available on Torquere's site... Amazon links will come up later today, and the paperback will (probably) be available for purchase "real soon." 

(Complete aside: I am soooo glad that I've always been pretty lazy with my hair, because I never, ever did the big hair look. Not even for "special occasions" like prom. Admittedly, my hair's rarely looked fabulous, but it's always been in a fairly classic style. French twist, braids, loose curls. I had a spiral perm back in the early 90s that was pretty awful, but only because it was so hard to keep it de-tangled.)

I'm going out to dinner with a dozen of my closest friends at one of my favorite restaurants. (Naysayers and last minute cancellations aside, I think I'll have fun)

I've got a few games planned out for my online release party. I'll post live from my phone for about half of it... (I'll also be taking my first ever trip through the downtown tunnel now that the Elizabeth River Crossing tolls are in place and that's not something to celebrate... grrrr! But at least I got my EZ Pass, so it's not like a major inconvenience or anything. Just stupidly expensive.)

I spent most of yesterday in talks and getting arranged new and exciting things! I'm going to be heading up a science fiction erotica collection for Coming Together. More details as I get them. Because you know, I can't have anything resembling an uncrazy schedule. But if you're an erotica writer, you like sci-fi, and you want to help a good cause, keep your eye on this space.

This is happening!


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