Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Holi - Daze

Hey y'all

It's Blissemas, Day 10 and we have another new-to-me author, Kay Jaybee... I haven't read her stuff. Honestly, I hadn't even heard of her until her name popped up on the list of authors. Which always makes me feel obscurely guilty for not having my finger on the pulse of my own genre.

Feeling guilty about something makes me quite cross.

A million years ago, before I was a writer and what I was trying to do with my life was watch All the Anime (a Japanese style of art/animation that's a lot more mature and adaptable than typical American animation - go ahead, google Hentai. I'll wait.) and even with new titles leaking in slowly, I couldn't keep up.

I did finally accept that there was no way I would ever be able to consume all the media I wanted to consume. I can't watch, listen, or read enough in my lifetime. (Which is why I get the blowjob face when someone says "You haven't read <insert whatever series, title, book, television, movie, etc here>??" like it's some sort of crime against the genre.

People make choices; they have to... whether that's to be an avid collector of Deadpool comics or to watch an entire television show... and I think that's also why people get so bent out of shape when something goes wrong with a given series. (I've been a Castle fan since the show came out, but I'm pretty sure I'm giving up on it. Last season was not so good, and this season has been scarily awful. I'm not enjoying it anymore, and there's more television that I'd rather watch in that space... )

On the other hand, that's what's so nice about these Blissemas blog hops - can I just give a shout out here to Victoria and Kev Blisse right now? they are awesome for organizing this stuff - is that you can get little samples of everyone's writing and what they're up to... kinda like a buffet table. You can nibble here and taste there, and then go back for a big plate of whatever you liked best...

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